Agribusiness will make Vygonichsky district of the Bryansk region large agro-industrial center

Launched a large-scale construction in the area of agro-industrial holding Vygonichskom "Agribusiness". The work is in three main areas related to the development of the "Poultry". Currently based feed mill and elevator, a complex of slaughter and poultry processing, three (out of seven planned) broiler chicken farms.

Soon agricultural holding will begin construction in the district two new facilities. In April of this year to begin construction of modern slaughter and processing of beef and complex intensive fattening of cattle, calculated at 37 and a half thousand. These facilities will be built as part of a unique project for Russia, "The development of beef cattle."

The volume of investment in the project "Poultry" in the Bryansk region, is 19.3 billion rubles. Feature of the project is that the APH "Agribusiness" is going to create the best possible in the vertical integration of the poultry industry, from growing grain for feed production from own raw materials to finished mostly chilled products in the consumer and industrial packaging, as well as its own distribution company. That’s why now in Vygonichskogo district is building the feed mill and elevator. The production capacity of the feed mill is 360,000 tons of pelleted feed per year.

Construction of the facility began in the summer of 2011, and by the end of 2012 it is planned to prepare the plant for the launch. And is parallel to the construction of the elevator, which at the same time be able to store 96,000 tons of grain and 4,000 tons of meals.

"There is a true rule: do not put all your eggs in one basket. Along with cattle, we intend to build seven patio — a new European technology content of broiler chickens. There will also be twelve sites remmolodnyaka and poultry flocks. The first houses should start operating at the end — the beginning of next year ", — said General Director of LLC" Bryansk Meat Company "ABH" Agribusiness "Dmitry Moyseenko. Now in Vygonichskogo district is building three broiler farms, and in the future in this area will be four more of the same farm. Characteristically, for growing chicks "Agribusiness" will use the new, modern technology — PATIO (technology-bay floor cultivation of chickens). This form of content as close to the natural habitat of the birds, and so the most humane to animals.

In addition, the agricultural holding has already embarked on a project to build a complex for the slaughter and processing of poultry meat. The company plans to complete construction by December 2012. The production capacity of this modern complex will be 100 thousand tons of meat a year.

Vygonichskom spring in the area of "Agribusiness" will start the construction of new facilities as part of the project for the development of beef cattle in Bryansk. First, it appears feedlot on 37 and a half thousand head of cattle. Also in April, will begin construction of a complex Vygonichi slaughtering and processing of beef, which will use modern technology, advanced processing and cooling. The production capacity of this facility will be 48,000 tons of meat a year.

The commissioning of the largest and most modern facilities will create thousands of jobs in the Bryansk region. "Now in the Bryansk division" Miratorga "employs 1,180 people already. And all we are going to provide jobs for more than 5,000 residents of the area — said General Director of LLC "Bryansk Meat Company" ABH "Agribusiness" Dmitry Moyseenko. — Only Vygonichskom area will employ about two thousand employees. There will be a range of businesses, which will include poultry farm, feedlot for cattle, meat-processing complex (for birds and cattle) and a feed mill and elevator. Therefore, we intend to build housing for employees. Now in the Belgorod region built a village for workers’ Miratorga "with apartments, a kindergarten, a school. It is possible that the same will appear in Vygonichskom district. "

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