Agriculture Chechnya is flourishing

When you read some of the media materials or bloggers, it seems that no one in Chechnya is not working. If they work, it is only in the ministries and departments, or law enforcement agencies, and the rest sit back and eat away subsidies from the center (at best building in Grozny, palaces and skyscrapers). It is clear that these commentators do not have a clue about the life of the republic. It is clear that these ideas — just the result of a well-established clichés. But these myths are not only unfortunate, but also a surprise.

Meanwhile, Chechnya is virtually no different from the other regions (unless, of course, do not take a heavy legacy of the two military campaigns). Work all sectors of the economy. People learn, work and create. Just like everywhere else. Maybe even better than in some regions. Have their successes and achievements. Today let’s talk about only one direction — about agriculture.
 Breaking the Myths
Let me start by saying that in total (almost a small country) to date through the AIC established and fully operational in about 200 enterprises and institutions. This state farms, gosplemzavody, poultry and agricultural factories. For an example, the list of companies with the / x direction only a few areas:
Urus-Martan district
"State farm" Alkhan-Yurt "," state farm "Work", "state farm" Martan-Chu "," state farm "Shalazhinsky" "Chechen experimental production farm" Gojty "" state farm "Urus-Martan" "state farm" Michurins "," state farm "Sunny" "state farm" Roshni "" Poultry "Urus-Martan" "Urus-Martan bakery"
Shali district"State farm" Avturinsky "" state farm "Serzhen’ — Yurt", "state farm" Belgatoy "" state farm "Germenchuksky" "state farm" Jalka "" state farm "Piedmont" SE "Shali training center" "Poultry" North Caucasus "
Kurchaloevski area
"State farm" Visaitov "" state farm "Yalkhoy-Mohk" "state farm" Bachi-Yurt "," state farm "Spark", "state farm" Kurchaloevski "" state farm "Geldagen" "state farm" Mayrtupsky "" Agrokombinat "Tsentaroevsky" "state farm" them. Ali Mitaev "" Kurchaloevski bakery "" RAJjPIShhEKOMBINAT "Kurchaloevski" "Specialized mobile mechanized column" Kurchaloevskaja "
And so in all areas of the country. So consider just how many people are involved in agriculture. But that’s not all. Add to this the number of the network of farms and individual entrepreneurs engaged in agriculture of the Republic (the number of which is growing from year to year), and the myth that "enough to feed Chechnya" nervously depart aside.

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It all started with a clean slate, but:

  1. Today in Chechnya has seen a steady increase in agricultural production. The leading sector with the / x Republic is the livestock and crop production. In the field of animal husbandry development of poultry, sheep and cattle (cattle).
  1. Only six years — from 2004 to 2010, the index of agricultural production increased by 41%. There is an increase in the production of poultry, beef, milk, and is working to restore gardening.
  1. Livestock — has leading positions in a number of indicators. It accounts for 60% of output. Sector formed to half tax payments of the entire economy of the complex.
  1. Crop — is at this stage of one of the leaders, it accounts for 24% of output. Already in 2008, only in this sector were employed 30.9 thousand people.
  1. The leading position among enterprises engaged in agriculture, occupy Ltd. "Chechen mineral water", JSC "Chechenagroholding" TFG LLC "Avangard" SUE "Sugar factory of the Chechen Republic", LLC "Revival-2028," SUE "AK" Tsentoroevsky " SUE "state farm" Zagorski "SUE" Poultry "Staroyurtovskaya."

In this case:
Foodstuffs produced in the Chechen Republic, are of high quality, which is confirmed by the results of the contest "100 best goods of Russia". Thus, in 2010 highlight the achievements of the manufacturer of the Chechen Republic:

  • Gold certificatesawarded the State Unitary Enterprise "state farm" Tsentoroevky "(carcass of broiler chickens), LLC" Agrokombinat "Tsentoroevsky" (juices, nectars), LLC "Iceberg" (ice cream).
  • Silver certificatesLtd. awarded "AysStrim" (mineral water), LLC "Production and Commercial Firm" Kavkaz-XXI "(mineral water), SUE" Sugar factory of the Chechen Republic "(sugar), JSC" Chechengazprom "(cooked smoked sausage), Ltd. "Agro Trade Center" (mineral water), LLC "Chechen mineral water" (mineral water).

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We look to the future.
Tell all that is planned and done in this direction, of course, in a single post is simply impossible. But I would venture to capture even a small piece, at least within a single program.
For example, last year we adopted a republican target program "Development of food processing industry in the areas of the Chechen Republic" for 2013-2017 "The purpose of the program for the period 2013-2017 years. is the construction of enterprises of the district level, focused on the production of food products, the implementation of output in local markets, provision of the population with jobs and improve the industrial infrastructure in the country.
As part of this program, only based on the new construction of 3 plants for the production of meat products, 3 plants for the production of dairy products and 3 plants for the production of bakery products. In addition, as a whole, will the introduction of modern technologies, quality improvement, diversification and competitiveness.
A little specifics.
I think the citizens of the country still need specific and targeted information, and therefore give the layout of the program on areas of the country. Where that work has already started, which is about to begin Islands. I am sure, to the 17th year we will see the concrete results of this program and these objects: a technical re-equipment of the canning plant in s. Meskety, Nozhai-Yurt district municipality;

  • rehabilitation of the existing canning shop convert it to produce ketchup, mayonnaise and grapes in art. Naurskaya Naur municipal district;
  • new plant with the installation of equipment and mini maslootzhimnoye complex quality grinding grain Nadterechniy metr
    o area;
  • shop for the production of pickles, pickled carrots and drying in the Urus-Martan and Achkhoi-Martan municipalities;
  • shop for the production of food-products in Shelkovskom metro area;
  • shop for the production of dried fruit in a. Vedeno Vvedeno municipal area

PS /Again, this is only one program. And there are specific programs and solutions we have in our age will suffice. To cite just a few:

  • The target program "Development of beef cattle of the Chechen Republic in 2011-2013"
  • The target program "Development of family-based livestock farms (peasant) farms in the Chechen Republic for 2012-2014"
  • The target program "Support for beginning farmers in the Chechen Republic for the period 2012-2014,"

As you can see, the work is no end to this age and it’s enough. Everything is just beginning.

The material is taken from a personal blog RA Kadyrov.

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