Agro-Belogorie launched Russia’s first educational production meat processing plant

In the vocational school "Agro-Belogoriya" launched educational production meat processing plant. The completed project is the first of its kind not only in the Belgorod region, but throughout Russia. 

The new shop will fill the number of modern laboratory-based launchers number 23 and will serve as a full-fledged production. On the line will be held alternately and training of students and professional meat processing by experienced workers’ inventories Agro-Belogorie. " 

"This is the first case in Russia, when a similar line is set on the basis of the institution, — the head of the project Sergey Roaches. — In the process of implementation has been involved world’s best practices. "

Enrollment for a new profession continues. During the years of training they will receive a high-quality knowledge worthy of a scholarship, the corporate form, three meals a day. After successful completion of training young specialists guaranteed job at a meat processing plant "Agro-Belogoriya."


Total investments — 18 million rubles. The project was attended by foreign and domestic companies. Much of the equipment installed there, the partners put on a grant basis. Power plant can produce up to 5 tons per day.

On the first day of the plant raw material for the production process were the 10 beef carcasses. Grown cattle for slaughter further holding company — «Belgorod Dairy Farm" and "Graivoronsky dairy company."

"The premier launch workshop was successful. All the equipment is working, — gives his assessment of the director of LLC "Agro-EMF Belogorie" Valery Onopriyenko. — Students will be able to master all the skills here is the future profession. In addition to traditional processes — deboning and trimming, the young wizard master the skinning equipment, sawing and packaging. So graduate 23rd PU would be free to work on a modern meat processing plant. "

Mentors students will perform the most experienced professionals. So, to guide the process of practical training will foreman deboning and trimming Nurlan Baydaliev, twice won the title of "Best obvalschika country." In the role of lecturers — Managers, LLC "Agro-Belogorie inventories", including production manager Valery Onopriyenko, head of quality and even Maria Sheveleva General Director Natalia Korol’kova.

In August, they plan to recycle 10 tons of raw materials. In the future, production will increase.

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