Agro-Belogorie launches sales through vending machines dispensing milk

In the Belgorod region project will be launched for sale through vending machines dispensing milk. Milk in vending machines will be the very thing that makes a cow — unnormalized, free of impurities and additives. Each machine can accommodate two vessels at a total volume of 400 liters. Buy milk for the implementation of Trade House "Agro-Belogorie" will have "Belgorod dairy farms" running accompaniment of the Group.


To master the use of the buyers will be able to express milk without difficulty. They are made the same way as machines that sell coffee and other beverages. Drop your coin or bill in a special receiver, determine a dose and you substitute container. Bottles can bring or buy on the spot. A liter of fresh milk will be worth thirty rubles.

If the money in the receiver is greater than the need to purchase, return molokomat change. One button starts the process of the spill and stop him. For those who can not cope on their own, to help promoters — people will work side by side with machine guns at first. As soon as the working chambers are empty, sms alert tells managers that they need to fill.

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