Agrofirm Kalitva opened in Voronezh dairy complex for 2,200 head of cattle

May 17 Rossoshansky area opened one of the largest and most modern in the Voronezh region dairy complexes.

The complex "Agrofirm Kalitva" already contained 625 breeding dairy cows Holstein-Friesian heifers and 1082. In June of this year on a platform in the area will be brought more Rossoshanskiy 493 heifers. At full capacity in "Agri Kalitva" will be only 2,200 heads of dairy cattle. It is planned that there will be a year to produce 15,000 tons of milk.

The production process in the dairy complex provides 100 people. In agrofirm are milking machine "Herringbone" at 12 goals, 3 cowshed, 3 calf house, 2 buildings for heifers, 4 senohranilischa, slaughterhouse, agricultural machinery, and tkzhe the largest in the region milking machine "Carousel." At the same time it is able to serve 60 goals.
On the construction of the facility took a year. The total project cost 1.3 billion rubles.

The company plans to create a system of Reclamation for another 850 hectares to bring the area of irrigated meadows to two thousand hectares.


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