Agromach has released a new high-performance excavator


Vladimir Motor and tractor factory produced the first prototypes of a new compact excavator with a shifting axis of digging, issued on the basis of reliable wheel tractor "Agromach-85TK." The main feature of this model is the presence of a shifting arm. Such a design solution makes this machine the most versatile.



High-performance excavator "Agromach-85TKE", developed by Vladimir Motor and tractor plant differs from analogues offered by other manufacturers of high precision and smooth workflow management bodies, high performance and efficiency. According to the type design, the new "Agromach" has a loader in the front and in the rear excavator. Design implementation of this model provides ease of maintenance and reliability of operation.

Biased boom mounted on the "Agromach-85TKE" greatly expands its capabilities: In addition to digging holes and trenches new excavator is able to work, and where access is restricted to one of the parties — such as digging trenches along the buildings.

Significantly reduces the size of the new bulldozer and facilitates its transportation, the so-called "folding side" — boom pivots and folds sideways.

Agromach CTV-85 has a hydraulic control type working bodies, made on the basis of the Italian hydraulic equipment. First, this design solution increases the speed, thanks to a powerful pump, and secondly — greatly increases the accuracy and smoothness of excavator bucket.

"Wheel excavator-loader" Agromach-85TKE "has no analogues among the line of excavation equipment in Russia. Especially for excavator brand "Agromach" Concern has been developed by designers cab, extended by 200 millimeters.

In addition, some indicators domestic "Agromach" surpasses his Belarusian counterpart: "Agromach-85TKE" has a greater capacity to 5 HP, "- said the chief designer of the Vladimir Tractor Factory Motor and Sergey Russinkovsky.

Development experts "Concern" Tractor plants "is equipped with a reliable four-stroke four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine D145T. Engine power — 85 horsepower. Model weight is about 4 tons, front bucket — at least 0.8 cubic meters, and the volume of the backhoe bucket — 0.35 — 0.5 cubic meters, while the traveling speed of the excavator is 30 km . h

Backhoe Loader "Agromach-85TKE" can be used in the city municipal services, to industrial and construction sites. This compact machine is designed to perform the work on the ground soil, loading and unloading, transportation of bulk materials and unit loads over short distances, road cleaning of streets, squares, roads and sidewalks paved from loose materials, debris and snow.

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