Agromolkombinat Ryazan launched new equipment

On Agromolkombinate "Ryazan" launched a new line of modern production and packaging of cottage cheese. The manufacturer of the equipment is a Polish company "TEWES-BIS". Production is carried out in special tanks — tvorogoizgotovitelyah.

The process is fully automated equipment allows the operator from the control panel to set all process parameters, while the touch screen displays the stages of production, temperature, time, etc. The process is in the closed thread, which ensures high quality of the finished product and can increase shelf life. The line is equipped with the packing equipment.

The new technology of production and packaging of cheese will significantly increase the shelf life of the product from 72 hours to 14 days. At the moment, cottage cheese being tested in a specialized state laboratory, after which he will be given a certificate certifying that the product meets all the requirements in terms of quality. Commissioning of the new line will allow approximately 3-fold increase in capacity for the production of cottage cheese (up to 6 tons per day), to improve its consumer properties and expand the product range.

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