Air Force crews have experienced the electronic ground near Voronezh

At the landfill Pogonovo in the Voronezh region were tested a new automated targeting systems and "electronic ground" with the participation of crews and helicopters Russian Air Force spokesman for the Air Force, Colonel Igor Klimov.

"The main problem that faced the crews of combat aircraft and helicopters — to destroy the airfield imaginary enemy, his aircraft and armored vehicles. Only half of the ground targets had known beforehand the crews of the Su-24M and MiG-29, Su-25 and Mi-28N, all the others were found during an air and ground reconnaissance. New automated targeting system allowed crews to quickly refocus in the air with new objectives, and timely implementation of training and combat mission, "- said Klimov, quoted by ITAR-TASS.

He added that during the combat use against ground targets Air Force crews used rockets, aerial bombs and cannons, performing complex aerobatics and worked avoiding retaliatory missile attack from the ground, constantly maneuvering in the air.

Completed the practical working out of combat aviation applications using mobile electronic site. Attack aircraft Su-25SM caused tactical strikes on mock-ups of tanks equipped with pyrotechnic signaling.

"The electronic landfill allowed in real time to show the accuracy of the strike aircraft crews without the use of real aircraft weapons," — said the representative of the Air Force.

Practical exercises on the firing range near Voronezh Pogonovo were part of the air-firing of the conference with the heads of the Russian Air Force, with the assistance of representatives of the Army air defense and naval aviation, defense industry, as well as senior management of the Air Force and Air Defense of Belarus.

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