Air Force radar troops — ’61

December 15, in the Armed Forces of Russia celebrated the annual feast of radio engineering troops of the Air Force (IAF) -61 years from the date of formation.

The origin of radio engineering troops (PTB) began before World War II. For the detection of enemy aircraft, monitor its actions, alerts and air defense forces and the urban population of the dangers of air service was organized by the airborne surveillance, warning and communication system (included).

RTV as a branch was established December 15, 1951 by the Council of Ministers of the USSR on the basis of parts of the air warning radar and air defense services and air defense fighter aircraft were called at the time-CID VNOS defense of the country. In 1955, the renamed RTV defense of the country in 1980, RTV defense.

Admirable professional training specialists RTV demonstrated to the world May 1, 1960, finding and securing the destruction of an American spy plane "Lockheed" U-2.

In modern conditions, RTV forces are constant readiness, combat duty on the Protection of the State Border of the Russian Federation in the air and continue to improve their combat skills.

In the 2012 academic year with all the radio shelves conducted tactical exercises, and half of them-out places of permanent deployment in the new position areas, landfills Air Force in the Astrakhan region and in the Trans-Baikal region.

Also part of the subdivision and PTB participated in the strategic command post exercise "Kavkaz-2012" joint training of nuclear deterrence under the leadership of the President of the Russian Federation, other significant events of combat training conducted under the leadership of commanders of military districts and associations of the Air Force.

In the training centers of PTB in 2012 received training and retraining of the order of 800 military units and formations RTV, including more than 200 officers and 400 junior specialists. Produced more than 6 million class experts RTV.

Now there is a re-RTV of the means of radar, in particular to the troops supplied the latest facilities and stations such as "Heaven", "Enemy", "Gamma", "Radio beam", "Sopka", "caste" systems of automation "foundation" "Crimea", as well as special funds "VIP", "Vayenga."

Since the very latest technology and high-tech complex, requiring high competence personnel, efforts on completing parts RTV military contract. Now their number is about a quarter of the total number of military personnel RTV. 

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