Air quality in restaurants is alarming

Air quality in restaurants is alarming Facts

As it turned out, the level of pollutants in the air restaurants, internet cafes and bars in the capital of China, Beijing has long approached dangerously high level. In general, the content of adverse suspensions due to the fact that public schools are allowed to smoke.

One of the environmental institutions decided to test the concentration of PM2, 5 (harmful particles diameter of 2.5 mm or less) in 43 institutions. Research assistance provided by volunteers from among the urban population. The main measurements were in the busiest months of the year — from March to September 2012. As it turned out in Beijing is much higher than the national standard. As air can and does lead to a surge in respiratory and cardiovascular disease in populations.
In general, the concentration of bars PM2, 5 in 6.4 times higher than normal, and in one of them figure was exceeded by more than 15 times. None of the 43 tested institutions not a law to ban smoking. While working as volunteer visitors smoked in the room bars and cafes. During the study took into account the location of public space and the air quality outside.
The average density of harmful sediment PM 2,5 restaurants in Beijing equaled 147.8 ug/m3, in an Internet cafe 252.7 mg/m3 and 481.8 mg/m3 in bars, while the national standard is 75 micrograms / m3. According to the Shanghai Association of Health Promotion, in the city's cafes, and a taxi will soon establish a special monitor the level of nicotine and PM 2,5 device to remind people about the importance of staying healthy. The best prospects for kK Shanghai and Beijing to be a ban on smoking in public places.

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