Airborne reconnaissance units equipped with new UAV

The first batch of new complexes of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) short range came to equip airborne intelligence units in the second half of 2011. 

In 2012, the Marines had started development of new technology, in the intelligence units of the planned study conducted calculations UAV systems.

Entered into service Airborne UAV systems — development of domestic producers (group of companies ZALA AERO), they are easy to use and does not require extensive training of personnel. The main requirement for candidates for appointment to the post of calculations UAV is at the level of knowledge of the computer user.

New complexes UAV comes to replace the outdated and curry favor with the resource short-range reconnaissance complexes, including complex "A Story".

Renewal of the UAV reconnaissance airborne units will continue in the current 2012 and in 2015.

The use of modern UAV significantly increases the chances of intelligence agencies in the performance of intelligence tasks in a combat situation, can significantly reduce the loss of personnel and equipment, and in most cases completely avoid them.

In the Airborne troops providing intelligence and special units of the new weapons and equipment is carried out as a priority.  




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