Airborne will be embracing the new parachute D-12 The leaf in 2013

Airborne troops are going to Russia in 2013 to adopt a new parachute D-12 "The leaf" as developed by the Moscow Research Institute of Parachute. On this, as reported by RIA Novosti, said the spokesman of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Airborne Forces, Major Irina Kruglov. Currently, airborne flight-test "leaflet".

In the future, "The leaf" will replace the currently used systems parachutes D-6 and D-10. "The new parachute is designed for training and combat jumps with full government-issue weapons and equipment. Suspension system is well regulated and the parachute is made of lighter and stronger materials, allowing paratrooper take more payload, "- said Kruglov.

On the creation of a "leaflet" in August 2011, Deputy Director General of Research parachute Yuri Nazarenko. According to him, the new parachute is designed to weigh up to 165 pounds and can carry out paratrooper at lower spreads, and descend into the wind and against the wind. Overload caused by harnessing the parachute is an average of 4.5 units.

As expected, the mass production of "leaflet" will be deployed at the Ivanovo parachute factory.


The performance characteristics of the D-12 "The leaf": Flight weight 160 kg.  The area of the main parachute — 90 m2.   The vertical velocity at flight weight 160 kg — 4.5 m / s.  The vertical velocity at landing without cargo container  (Flight weight 120 kg) — 4 m / s.  Overload caused by introduction of the main parachute system  no more than seven units (mean 4.5).

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