Aircraft airship BARS — a new class of aircraft

BARS — Bezaerodromny with aerostatic unloading aircraft


Creating traditional transport infrastructure by type of Western Russia in Eastern Russia, which occupies an area of a few tens of thousands of square kilometers, would require, according to many analysts, more than a dozen trillion rubles, and more than one hundred years.

To solve this problem in a very short time at relatively low cost is possible due to the introduction of the project BARS, which is a combined air vehicle that combines the best properties of aircraft, helicopters and hovercraft.

Notable aircraft (LA) — airplanes, helicopters, airships and other aerial vehicles — to perform the specified tasks are ineffective. Aircraft needed airfield, the helicopter has a limited range, a relatively small mass of cargo (up to 20 tons) and the high cost of transportation; airship — limitations due to weather conditions and safety, it is also required complex and costly infrastructure maintenance.

Carried out research and development work in order to support the concept of an air vehicle — bezaerodromnogo with aerostatic unloading aircraft (BARS).

BARS — Bezaerodromny with aerostatic unloading aircraft. Bella-1 Project. (Photo
Bezaerodromny with aerostatic unloading aircraft (BARS)
This solved the problem of the vehicle, and disadvantages of the known aircraft. Confirmed operation from unprepared runways — lake, river, swamp, field, justified the independence of the weather conditions during off-basing and high safety of the flight.

The inventor and chief designer, Ph.D. Alexander Filimonov managed to find a brand new conceptual scheme of the aircraft that combines the best qualities of the airship, aircraft, helicopters and hovercraft.

The whole idea was fascinated by the inventor of more than ten years ago.

— In the late eighties I was working at the Tyumen Industrial Institute — says Alexander Baron. — Then all puzzled over a serious and very important problem: how to deliver the equipment, large multi-ton blocks Yamburgskoe gas condensate field. And we’re at home, at the Department of industrial machines, took up her decision. The work was born so that’s a hybrid concept of the aircraft.


Achieved high performance characteristics based on the pipe, bench and flight tests: The unit has an in-flight drag, comparable to a conventional aircraft, also has the necessary stability and control in all flight modes, high takeoff and landing performance with the use of air-cushion landing gear.


As for the implementation of the project BARS, VTTK, then, as the analysis shows, the closest on manufacturing BARS and generally VTTK is an aerospace complex of the Russian Federation. Mastering the manufacture of composite materials, and versatile control systems will allow it in cooperation with the aviation bureaus, research institutes and other industries for 3 — 5 years to implement the project and VTTK BARS.

The viability of the project construction BARS confirmed its manned counterpart and his successful flight tests carried out in the winter in the agricultural field near the city of Tyumen in 1996.

However, despite this, as well as the many needs of potential users of the aircraft on the website about purchasing BARS or the ability to use its services, they have to be disappointed, as the project has not yet been implemented because of the strong resistance of the administrative and technical bureaucracy. To implement the project, the funds are needed, and not small. Such tools are not only the state but also in the regions that the strength to implement the project by creating the necessary financial and organizational structure. There would be a will.


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