Aircraft factory at the Komsomol Sukhoi modernized production system


  • Final assembly Knafo CJSC Sukhoi Civil Aircraft
  • Final assembly Knafo CJSC Sukhoi Civil Aircraft

In the workshop preparation and completion of Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association. Yuri Gagarin (KnAAPO), a project to improve the production system "dry" — "Organization of storage, packaging and delivery of products to the workplace on the basis of the central workshop of the picking." The project involves the reduction of costs by reducing the acreage and the production process. The main task — to reduce road transport finished goods to the shop-consumer. At the same time will be arranged shipping replacement jobs for jobs that will significantly reduce the loss of shops aggregate-assembly production associated with the order, the receipt and delivery of replacement jobs.

Optimizing warehouse operations, conducting an internal reorganization and freeing up space for the main production at KnAAPO plan to achieve tangible economic benefit. The project should combine forces all units. In modular buildings will determine the place of a future single warehouse. To date, measures have been developed for the project. A technical mission, organization, discussed the procedure for the move, there is a coordination with technical services.

The company "Sukhoi" is the leading Russian aircraft companies to introduce modern methods of organizing production using the technology of "lean production". The corresponding program was developed with the use of advanced foreign and domestic experience and is actively implemented in the holding. Its main objective — increasing the efficiency of production and planning based on the use of modern techniques, preparation plants for certification to participate in international cooperation in the field of aviation, the optimization of the procurement process equipment, minimizing labor and time costs. 

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