Airline Flight in August starts commercial operation of the An-148-100E

Since June 27, Voronezh Airlines "Flight" began the acceptance of the aircraft An-148-100E, tail number RA-61709, the final test flight took place on June 24.
This is the first of two aircraft of this type built to date of "Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Company" (VASO) for the airline "Flight".
In October, a tripartite agreement was signed, according to which "Sberbank Leasing" will acquire from VACO ten An-148-100E and put them Airlines ‘Flight’ by way of finance lease (leasing).

In Russia, the commercial operation of aircraft An-148 in the base configuration does only airline "Russia" — in its park six cars of this type. Airline "Flight" was the starting operator modification with increased take-off weight and increased to 4,400 km range (with 75 passengers. Onboard).

AN-148 — Regional jet passenger jet designed for transporting passengers to a distance of 68-85 km 2000-4400. The aircraft is equipped with engine D-436-148 developed by SE "Ivchenko-Progress" is available in "Motor-Sich".


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