AK-12 — new Kalashnikov

More recently, the country has committed itself to modernizing the army. Large-scale reform requires new technologies and rearmament more modern means of warfare. Domestic developers presented to the world a new AK-12 (Kalashnikov). The emergence of a new modern weapons is not only important to equip the Russian army, but also to strengthen our position in the world arms market.

In February, the Central Scientific Research Institute of Precision Engineering completed the first phase of testing the AK-12 — one of the most promising models of the latest Russian weapons.

Testing the new AK weapons included a health check in a cold, heat, dust, moisture, and after falling from a height of 1.5 meters (all these tests the previous version of Kalashnikov AK-74 passes with a bang). After the elimination of the identified shortcomings and design improvements machine will be sent to the state tests — they have to be held later this year.

After the Arab Spring, some countries in northern Africa ceased active cooperation with Russia, but as the head correctly observes, "Rostekhnadzor" Chemezov, this is temporary, "Countries in the region have historically been buyers of our arms. And get used to it. For example, in Libya, we renew the relationship. Have already visited their representatives, the new government proposes to resume cooperation to supply that was interrupted. "

In addition, the gradually improving cooperation with Iraq, as well as more promising market, due to the weakening of U.S. influence in the region, it is Afghanistan. Russia is gradually increasing its influence in Latin America: Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Peru — where we sell not only helicopters and tanks, but also cars. The expansion of the Russian military-industrial complex in all these areas should be of total. That is why the creation of modern models of small arms — an important step in establishing Russia as a full-fledged military power.

According to the designer, the AK-12 is very different from its predecessors. One of the major innovations was the universal modular construction machine. We are planning to create about 20 types of weapons as a combined arms and special and civil purposes. So, on the basis of an AK-12 machine pistol release, compact machine, automatic rifle, assault rifle, machine gun and shotgun.

"We are faced with the need to not only tighten the ergonomic requirements of the automaton, but also to reduce its weight and increase the combat characteristics. In previous models AK-12 is more convenient to use. Folding telescopic buttstock reduces recoil and make carrying weapons. A machine gun can be fired with one hand, and its easy to priladit as a left and a right, "- says Zlobin.

Reliability and operational safety — is something that has always distinguished the Kalashnikov rifle from foreign competitors: dirt, dust, water, heat and cold — our machine keeps working in all conditions. And the demand is the key, not only within the country but also in the international market.



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