AKIMOV make yourself a good GIFT

The events that took place the last week in Irkutsk could not touch the "growth", because in the near round is against Alhazova and K had to play Dolmatova wards. Despite reports that the "Star" is removed from the championship, "yellow-blue" went to Lake Baikal. [Cut] Returning to the location Rostovites Hong Kulchiy added optimism and coaching staff, "growth", although in the starting lineup Hong did not appear, but like the other striker Dyadyun, which already match, watching the game from the bench. Realizing that most likely this fight will be the last for the "Stars" in this championship, the home team from the first minute rushed forward. Already in the third minute of Alkhazov could open an account, his shot hit the crossbar with scissors. "Growth," said no less dangerous, Ivan held the ball in the penalty area and rolled it under the blow of aspen, the captain is not thinking long shot, but the projectile hit the post and left the goalie. And 21 minutes played, the visitors took the lead, aspen receiving a transmission at the corner of the penalty area, he immediately forwarded it on, everything would be fine, but the way the ball was hand protector of Irkutsk, and Sergeyev, after consulting with the assistant pointed to the spot — surely realized Osinov penalty . After another 10 minutes, the captain failed to be extremely beautiful goal. Once the ball in the penalty area, Michael, moved to the center and bitingly struck with his left foot into the top corner — Dyachenko was powerless. Having a significant advantage. "Growth" continued to attack. Almost all offensive maneuvers "yellow-blue" passed through the right side, where Aspen turned almost everything he wanted. Active in the last match today Zuev opposite was not very noticeable. After the break, replaced Dolmatov played poorly in the first half for Hong Kozhanova. In a lot of this change and has become a key to the further development of the match. Encouraged by the successful voyage to Hong zaterzal team defense, "Stars", acting as usual from the depths. The third goal of "growth" was the result of a combination of Kulchiy-hong, the final point which put the birthday boy Akimov, from close range hit the gate Dyachenko. After the score was 0-3, "Star" almost "got", the home team in the first half is not particularly troubling Rostovites does forget about the defense. Time after time, Hong, Akimov and aspen easily broke into the penalty area, Irkutsk, but realize at least one of the many things did not work out. Still active Akimov was rewarded for his perseverance, raided a keeper "Stars", the forward was stopped by unlawful taking. The victim made a double, a clear shot from the penalty spot. Immediately Gatskan "finished off" the "Star", pushed the ball into the goal after the turmoil in the penalty area. Having scored the fifth goal, "Rostov" allowed himself to relax a little bit, but it was enough to Levshin big hit a ball otkvital. In the remaining 10 minutes Rostovites could have scored twice more, but not Zivko decided to break with Lin goalie and beat Gatskana not enough accuracy. Before challenging trip to Khabarovsk, and a number of matches that ended with the score 1:0. effective fight against the "Stars" came in handy. However, no euphoria in the camp Rostovites no tomorrow "yellow-blue" start preparations for the match against SKA-Energia, which in the event of a successful outcome of the competition and misfires can be a key to the championship.

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