Akros 580-a new combine from Rostsel’mash

Main premiere of the agricultural year 2011 promises to be a new combine harvester "Akros 580". After testing in regions machine Rostselmash put into production.
The machine is characterized by high productivity, efficiency and ability to work on most any threshed crops and soil fertility.
The main difference from Acros 580 "odnoseriynikov" (530 and 560 models) has become a grade engine Cummins (300 hp). The power unit is mechanically operated and an extended "shelf" torque (1000-1600 r / min) provides the necessary headroom for more productive work even in the most difficult conditions. The car has excellent high-speed performance and lowest fuel consumption (specific indicators 2.3 … 2.8 l / t). Blade cylinder operates in two modes of rotation: harvesting of grain crops (3400 rev / min) and cleaning Row (2000 rev / min). Most of the drive wheels equipped with final drives with increased torque, which allows you to not reduce the rate on the rise, even with a full hopper.
Seasonal developments combine range from 900 to 1,200 hectares of harvested area. During the tests, many farms were collected on him over 3500 tons. The advantages of ease of setup are also related, workplace comfort and high reliability.

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