Alcor Bio Group at the Health-2011

5 — December 9, Alcor Bio Group will participate in the 21 th International Exhibition "Health-2011" in Moscow.
21th International Exhibition "Health Care, Medical Engineering and Pharmaceuticals" — "Health-2011" takes place in the framework of the International scientific-practical forum "Russian Week of Health" — the most ambitious developments in Russia in the field of health care. By tradition, we gather the key players in the domestic medical market, as manufacturers working in the health care industry as well as consumers of health care products — heads of medical institutions of different levels. Every year, the exhibition is visited by about 35,000 members of medical, scientific, and business — communities of Russia and foreign countries. At the end of 2010 at the "Health" was presented 1,300 exhibitors. Geography of participants — more than 40 countries, including Germany, China, Korea, Malaysia, Poland, Taiwan, Turkey, France, Finland, Czech Republic and others.

Petersburg biotechnology holding "Alcor Bio" — one of the largest domestic developers and manufacturers of test kits for laboratory diagnosis — for more than 10 years participates in the exhibition "Health care". At this time, "Alcor Bio" will present its full line of products for the immunoassay and molecular genetic analysis, and this — more than 60 types of reagent kits. Also on the stand GK Alcor Bio will include a presentation of new products for the laboratory diagnosis of developed "Alcor Bio" in 2011: more than a dozen new products, some of which are unique to the Russian market. Here will be a demonstration of the automatic analyzer "Alice" produced by Radim.
— The most significant innovations, which we released in 2011, can be attributed ELISA kits for early diagnosis of HIV infection and for the diagnosis of hepatitis B, — says Director of Marketing CC Alcor Bio Natalia Grib — these socially significant diseases and their diagnosis, still remains an important issue. In addition, our kit for the diagnosis of hepatitis B — the only date for domestic development-linked immunosorbent assay, which allows to determine the quantitative content of the surface antigen of hepatitis B virus (HBsAg), and consequently — to monitor and adjust the treatment of chronic hepatitis B. Because of the change time of HBsAg in serum gives information about the measure of the severity of the infection process, allowing the physician to judge the effectiveness of the applied therapy, and make a prediction of the disease. Also in 2011, "Alcor Bio" has released two new sets of prenatal screening for Down’s syndrome in 1 trimester of pregnancy. And in the same year, we began to develop a new direction began the production of molecular genetic diagnostic kits, made in the format of PCR Real-Time (analysis in real time). The exhibition in Moscow, we present three such sets — to identify hereditary thrombophilia and evaluation of the risk of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, to determine the individual susceptibility to indirect anticoagulants (warfarin). Yet it should be noted that in 2011, "Alcor Bio" has continued to expand the range of allergens. Today we blocked more than 80, and this allergens are most commonly used in medical practice.
According to the Director of Sales CC Alcor Bio Elena Sergeeva, the exhibition "Health care" — a convenient platform for effective business communication, both with existing and potential partners with.
— Every year at the "Health", we meet with our dealers, — says Elena Sergeeva — currently at Alcor Bio Group of 40 dealers in the territory of Russia and CIS countries, and they all come to the exhibition in Moscow. Here we are together with our dealers are taking stock of the year and discuss future plans. In addition, as a rule, stand "Alcor Bio" attracts the attention of many specialists of medical institutions, as well as representatives of trade organizations attending a fair in search of new partners for their business.
In addition to working at the stand during the exhibition "Health-2011", the employees of the Group companies Alcor Bio will take part in several other activities of the Forum "Russian Week of Health." In particular, the head of the Laboratory of Molecular diagnosis of "Vega" Civil Alcor Bio Alexander Pavlov act as a speaker at the International Medical Congress IMedR. His topic — "Innovation in terms of accelerating scientific progress. Personalized medicine in Russia: from the project to the idea. " International Medical Congress IMedR is supported by the Ministry of Health and Social Development, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation. Congress for the first time, a key theme IMedR — «Innovative projects in the medical industry."
SC Alcor Bio: Booth number 82S60, Hall number 8, Hall number 2
Dates of the exhibition "Health 2011": December 5-8, 10-00 to 18-00
December 9 from 10-00 to 16-00
Address: Moscow, Central Exhibition Complex "Expocentre", Krasnopresnenskaya nab., 14 (Metro station "Exhibition")

For the record:
History Group Alcor Bio began in 1992. At present the Group companies Alcor Bio is the largest in the Northwest Russian biotech holding. The holding comprises 12 companies and is well known in the market as one of the leading domestic manufacturers of reagents for immunoassay. The main activities of the Group companies Alcor Bio: development, production and sale of enzyme immunoassay kits for molecular and genetic analysis; conducting laboratory tests for the population, the development of new cell technologies and their further implementation in clinical practice; bankirovanie hematopoietic stem cells of umbilical cord blood, investments in highly scientific projects in the field of biotechnology. Each year GK Alcor Bio produces more than 200,000 sets of reagents for more than 60 titles, most of them have the CE mark-a sign of the quality of the European Union. Among the companies in the North-West region, working in the field of medical biotechnology, Group Alcor Bio is the most technologically advanced, as evidenced by the group of companies implemented a quality management system: ISO 13485:2003 — the international quality certificate companies producing medical devices, as well as a certificate of quality ISO 9001:2008. The group companies have Alcor Bio eleven patents, including in the field of oncodiagnostics, diagnosis of hepatitis C virus on the methods of treatment using stem cells. Alcor Bio Group — Russia’s only non-state actors, which leads its own funds basic research in the study of the biology of human stem cells and the development of methods for their use in therapy. Currently, the group of companies Alcor Bio is developing about forty innovative projects in key areas of the holding. The total investment in these projects is 20 million. Almost all of the scientific development of the underlying projects have a world novelty, and they filed patent applications. Most of the innovative projects of the Group companies Alcor Bio develops its own funds holding.

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