Alcor Bio Group started production of medicines


In April, the Civil Alcor Bio — a developer and manufacturer of diagnostic reagents for laboratory — started production of medicinal allergens.

These are the two most sought after in the clinical practice of allergen in this group: penicillin G and penicillin V.

Since the beginning of the Laboratory of Allergy SC Alcor Bio has developed and launched the ten new allergens, the majority of which belongs to a group of food allergens. Thus, at this point in the product catalog of 182 ready-to-allergen, including — a recombinant allergen of birch pollen rBetv1. In 2013, the company plans to develop 100 new allergens, 15 of them — drugs.

Besides, allergology laboratory intends to start developing a new more allergen groups such as insect venoms, and multicomponent allergens (for example, chocolate, honey or yogurt). It is understood that products such as chocolate or yogurt, made up of many proteins, each of which can cause an allergic reaction, but the patient is sometimes more important to understand, is not which of the components he’s allergic, and which product should be excluded from the diet. Also in 2013, will be expanded range of professional allergens.

All allergens used in conjunction with the test system for the diagnosis of allergy "AllergoIFA-specific IgE», intended for the quantitative determination of specific IgE in human serum by ELISA.

The test system for the diagnosis of allergies and allergens all production GK Alcor Bio Roszdravnadzor registered and have received CE-mark.

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