Alcor Bio launched the 24 new allergen


During the summer, the St. Petersburg biotech company "Alcor Bio» expanded the list of allergens own production by another 24 positions. Among these allergens of insects, several species of fish, vegetables, fruits, and so forth.

Currently "Alcor Bio» release 138 ready to use allergens.

In the first instance been designed of the most requested allergens in clinical practice: food, epidermal, mite, dust, mold, pollen, as well as mixtures of allergens. However, at present, the laboratory Allergy Group Alcor Bio started to create and produce allergens and less popular, that is, those that allergists and immunologists are rarely used in their work.

In "Alcor Bio" are convinced that the development and bringing to final form the maximum number of allergens — the problem, of course, is important, as it works to empower allergodiagnostic. In autumn 2012, the company plans to develop and manufacture the order of 60 new allergens, and in the future — to increase their number for a few hundred.

All allergens are biotinylated liquid form, One vial is designed for 26 performances. Shelf life of allergens — 18 months after the opening of stability — for the entire shelf life.

Allergens are used in conjunction with a test system for the diagnosis of allergy — a set of "AllergoIFA-specific IgE», intended for the quantitative determination of specific IgE in human serum by ELISA. The high specificity of this assay system makes more accurate diagnosis of allergy, which in turn allows to select an effective therapy for each patient.

The new test method of in vitro (outside of a living organism) possible verification of the patient’s sensitization to allergens of all basic groups (food, pollen, fungus, mite, medicines, etc.).

The test system for the diagnosis of allergy and all the allergens produced by "Alcor Bio" are registered in Roszdravnadzor and received CE-mark.


Product Catalog GC "Alcor Bio»

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