Alexander Green raises the sail

June 16, 2012 at 11:00 am in Moscow on the dock of the Northern River Station and the presentation of the rite of baptism-deck river cruise ship passenger "Luxe" PV08 project for 112 seats, "Alexander Green".



Ship "Alexander Green" modernized within the adopted law last year to support the domestic shipbuilding and shipping, aimed at granting concessions to the market operators involved in the new shipbuilding and registering ships under the national flag of the Russian Federation. The ship is registered in the Russian International Register.

JSC "Moscow River Shipping" (General Director Konstantin Anisimov) implemented this project for a radically new funding scheme for shipbuilding, involving the leasing company "Gosznak — leasing."

The vessel will operate in the group "MPS" JSC "Moscow tourist fleet" (General Director Oleg Malinin).
Passenger ship project PV08 "Alexander Green" was modernizirovano in 2011-2012 by Nobel Shipyard (Rybinsk), also part of the group of companies of the Moscow River Shipping Company. Rented June 9, 2012.

Ship "Alexander Green" is chartered by Australian company Scenic Tours for 5 years and in 2012 will make navigation fourteen-10 flights on the route Moscow — St. Petersburg — Moscow. The vessel will carry Australian tourists, for whom a cruise on the rivers of Russia is a common journey from France to Japan. It is the emergence of a new modern Russian cruise ship allowed to include in the trip and Russia.

The vessel is designed for transportation of cruise passengers on inland waterways of the European part of the Russian Federation in the basins of the category of "M", including Ladoga and Onega lakes and rivers in areas with limited dimensions of the fairway.
The main purpose of the project — comfortable cruises between Moscow and St. Petersburg with a navigation dlitelnostyu period of 5 months from mid-May to mid-October.
RRR class — M 3.0.
Is a three-decker three-screw motor ship with overall length of 90.4 m, a width of 14.76 m, with a three-tiered superstructure along the entire length of the vessel (height to the top of the fixed parts with a draft of 1.6 m to 10.4 m), with the aft engine room and navigation bridge in the bow, double bottom, with a raked stem and transom aft end.

To accommodate 112 passengers provides 56 standard double cabins 14,5-18 square meters and 6 superior cabins "Suite" area of 23-25 sq.m.
Block passenger area is located on three decks superstructure main "Moscow" average "Volga" and the boat "Neva".
All passenger cabins are equipped with double beds, bathroom with shower, air conditioning, wardrobes, safe, television with satellite and shipboard channels, hairdryer, electrical outlets at 220, wireless Internet (Wi-Fi), the ship’s radio broadcasts, internal and external telephone.

Cabins on decks "Neva" and "Volga" have individual balconies. The balconies are equipped with sliding partitions that ensure the free passage along the decks of the ship in emergency situations.
The passengers on the deck of "Moscow" restaurant area of 221 square meters. m for 150 seats, a lounge with bar area seats 65 221 square meters. m, gym, massage, hairdresser, clinic.

Air, water and ventilation is consistent with the 4 * hotel. Passenger elevator connects all the decks the ship. Most of the upper open deck with lounge chairs serves for recreation tourists.
New modern engines and equipment, means of navigation, control and automation ensure safe operation of the ship in all modes, including cruises on the Ladoga and Onega lakes.
Catamaran sea trials showed speed 22 km per hour. The three main engines (low speed diesel engines) with a capacity of 337 kW produced in Russia on the domestic machine-building plant — JSC "Plant" Volga diesel them. My mother’s. "
Propeller-rudder complex consists of 3 fixed pitch propellers and 3-streamlined rudder with controllable flaps (such as Becker rudders). To improve handling at low speeds, during the passage through locks and mooring the vessel for bow thruster capacity of 207 kW.

The power plant consists of three diesel generators of 300 kW each and the emergency diesel generator power 59 kW.
The crew and service staff of 62 people housed in single, double and triple cabins on the lower deck (in the hull), and forward on the main deck and the boat.
Lifesaving device consists of two motor lifeboats with a capacity for 14 people. each, and 6 air of self-healing capacity of liferafts for 25 persons. each.
The vessel complies with high environmental standards. The ship provides a closed system of sewage and domestic water. All sewage and domestic water discharged into collecting tanks are also on board a waste water treatment plant, capacity 90 cubic meters. m night.

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