ALEXANDER Tumasyan: We had to make some noise in the break

Mentor the youth of the yellow-blue shared his impressions after a victorious match with "Spartacus" from Nalchik.

 — What do you think about the game, Alexander?

 — Today we’ve got not the right start, so to speak. She even had to resort to emergency measures — to replace a player who literally broke the installation. At half-time and during the match had what is called "make some noise" at the edge. Even that’s a little hoarse … It was necessary to convey to the players, it is important that the right attitude to martial arts, wrestling, rebounds the ball. That was not in the first few minutes. Debut was awesome for me, for the first time this season I’ve seen it dampened attitude to the game. Of course, we were helped by a beautiful goal Henri, after the break, the situation has stabilized and the guys played "in the mind", well-catching moments to counterattack.

 —  Despite the fact that the first 20 minutes, "Rostov" is not worked out a special operation in Solovyov was not …

 —  Yes, there is an opponent lacked a certain depth in attack, especially in the closing stages. Plus, in general, we have a correct position.

 —  Today Khagba distinguished himself as a true goalscorer.

 —  He had to go that way do because he knows how to do it. Today, he once again proved it.

 —  Tumasyan appeared on the field after the break, the reason for this decision?

 — That is the job of head coach basis — Oleg Protasov. Sergei is preparing for tomorrow’s match.

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