Aleyskzernoprodukt started shipment of flour in Indonesia

July 21. CJSC "Aleyskzernoprodukt" started to ship flour for delivery to Indonesia, where before production of the Russian grain processing has been received.
The first batch of the Altai flour will go to Indonesia in September. Now with the mill JSC "Aleyskzernoprodukt" shipment of goods produced.

Products manufactured by Alei "Altai mill." "This is a major breakthrough — and not just for the Altai millers, but also for the Altai grain producers. Indonesia — a country with a population of 240 million people. It is situated on a set of islands near the equator, because of the wheat grown there, hence its flour is not "- the newspaper writes Altai truth."

We recall a few years ago, industry leaders (JSC "Aleyskzernoprodukt", JSC "Miller", JSC "Grana", JSC "Kluchevskoy elevator") have joined efforts to break into foreign markets by creating LLC "Altai mill." With the support of the Governor of the Altai Territory Union of Grain Processors managed to draw attention to the solution of some of the problems (and hence — the problems of agriculture region) and find understanding in different ministries (Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Regional Development). With the leadership of the province could, for example, to achieve the introduction of preferential tariffs for railway transportation Altay flour and grain in Russia. Now is working on the application of a reduced rate to sea ports and border crossing stations in the export of our products.

According to the publication, it was mainly to resolve the issues that confront our millers Indonesian side. A difficult task was to get a certificate of compliance with the Indonesian quality standard (SNI). This standard places the highest demands for products, but offers opportunities to work with other countries in Southeast Asia. It took a year, Altay flour received the certificate, once again confirming its high reputation.

Party flour mills shipped now with ZAO "Aleyskzernoprodukt" relatively large — about 400 tons (18 containers). But, as he said during his visit Hamid Awaluddin: "The main thing — to take the first step to this project began to work." After loading the containers will be shipped to Vladivostok from the sea — in Indonesia. In place of our meal to arrive in September.

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