All areas of the Kirov region are now connected year-round communication with the regional center

August 20 opening ceremony site Almezh — Scriabin road interregional importance Kirov — Kotlas — Arkhangelsk.

The main importance of the road is to provide a transport link between the north-western areas of the Kirov region with the regional center and each other, and further provides transit out to the Arkhangelsk region. Recall, until recently, the three districts (Luza, Podosinovets, Oparinskaya) lacked all year round by road to the regional center.

Construction of the road is a step by step — in November 2010, was openly regular vehicular traffic on the site Vazyug — Oparino, CONTACT Oparinskaya center area with the city of Kirov.

Construction of a 14-kilometer stretch, which linked the claim Almezh Oparinskaya district and part of Scriabin Podosinovets District, began in September 2012 estimated construction cost exceeded 460 million rubles.

In today’s opening ceremony of the highway was also attended by the head of Podosinovets and Oparinskaya areas Dmitry Koposov and Leonid Ershov, representatives of the general contractor, the residents claim Scriabin.

Congratulating the participants, Nikita Belykh said: opening of the highway Almezh-Scriabin can be considered historic and for the area and for the area and the neighboring regions.

For several decades, the north-western areas were actually separated from the area, said Nikita Y.. A few years ago, we set the goal — to make these areas a full part in the region. The first phase was implemented with the introduction of the road Vazyug — Oparino, said the Governor, noting that the introduction of the second section allows year-round between the posts as Oparin and Podosinovtsem, and with the city of Kirov. No roads in the world today is no normal life, development, communications, business, Nikita Belykh said.

Nikita Y. thanked all those who participated in the construction, especially the contractor — Construction and Industrial Company "Temp-Dorstroy" — for the performance of work quickly and accurately, expressed the hope that as well will be operated warranty.

Responding after the opening ceremony of the journalists’ questions, the Governor explained why the road is being constructed parts. After entering the site Vazyug — Oparino was decided to build a site that is open today to stroiteltvo did not go in one direction and it was not profitable for one, and for a few areas.

To be held on September 9 auction to determine the contractor who will build the site Almezh — Oparino. As emphasized Governor, the works are from the budget, the construction of the road economically justified, is of great importance not only for the Kirov region, but also for our neighbors, because perspective gives access to the Archangel.

NY Whites said that after the completion of the site Almezh — Oparino regional authorities will focus on the construction of other priority routes: Vyatskie Polyana — the border of Udmurtia, ring road around the city of Kirov, and the road connecting the Kirov-Chepetsk and Sloboda.

  • Press center of the Government of the Kirov region

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