All Crimea at a glance: a miniature park opened Bahchisarae

The other day at the opening of the park Bakhchisaray "Crimea in miniature on the palm"

57 Here is a historical, cultural and architectural attractions, made in 1:25 scale. 

Among the exhibits — the International airport "Simferopol", the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky, giving Stamboli in Feodosia, the Obelisk of Glory immortal heroes on Mount Mithridates in Kerch, Massandra, Vorontsov, Livadia palace, as well as the world famous monument "Motherland" (Kiev), "Motherland Calling" (Volgograd) and the Statue of Liberty (New York).

This park is unique in that guests can see here the objects as they would look like after restoration. It’s about Peter and Paul Cathedral in Sevastopol, Simferopol Karaimskaya Kenassas, villas "Dream" and "Xenia" Simeis, building merchant Dmitry Pachadzhi in Bakhchisarai and others.

To date, a miniature park in Bakhchisarai — the third and largest largest miniature park on the peninsula, which covers an area of 2.5 hectares, says project manager and director of Victor Zhilenko.

In the evenings, the park begins a magical light show and all the miniatures and attractions come to life though.

It should be noted that the theme park is already in Alushta and in Yalta, however Bakhchisarayskiy Park — the biggest and the occupied territories, and the number of presented objects.

The area plots, which in Alushta, Evpatoria that does not allow for something big, so we made the most Bahchisarae grand park. Here, most objects and there is much to expand. In the near future there will be any more than a hundred Crimean sights, — said Victor Zhilenko.

"A pleasant surprise for the youngest guests of the park will become the new" Glade of Fairy Tales, "where kids will meet all their favorite cartoon characters, and a zoo corner, which has already produced a pleasant completion. Seven little funny pigs will please his restlessness ", — he said.

As for the prices, for the residents of the city, passport entry fee is: for children up to 3 years — free of charge, up to 13 years — 15 hryvnia for adults — 30 hryvnia. Tourists pay 60 hryvnia per adult ticket, 30 hryvnia — child.

Note in Alushta visit theme park will be more expensive: the adult

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