All families with children Kuzbass will receive 10 thousand rubles



By order of the Amana Tuleeva all large families, which brought four or more children will be awarded for 10,000 rubles. Such financial assistance until March 1, 3500 will receive a Kuzbass families regardless of their income. To do this, write to the governor and attributed to the institution of social protection in the community. Also, you need to bring a copy of the passport of a parent and copies of birth certificates of children, as well as a certificate from the RG, supporting co-residence of parents with children. "How to spend the money parents decide for yourself" — said Aman Tuleyev. Let me remind you that this is not the first action on the provision of social support for families this year. Now provide financial support to families with foster children suffering from cerebral palsy and cancer. According 15,000 receive about 300 kids with cancer, and more than three thousand children with central nervous system.

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