Almaz-Antey again leads


UIC "Almaz-Antey" again became a leader among domestic manufacturers of military equipment by the end of 2010, told reporters on Wednesday, the official representative of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST), RIA Novosti reported.

"The undisputed leader in the production of the military has long been a concern PVO" Almaz-Antey ", which put up last year to the Russian Armed Forces two divisions of S-400", — he said.


The second consecutive year, "silver" keeps UAC ("United Aircraft Corporation"), followed by a large margin are all the rest of the rankings.

"Helicopters of Russia", which came in third place in the list of the best, have become the fastest growing company of the Russian defense industry. Holding showed a significant increase in production and set to Russian and foreign customers 214 helicopters. Of these, 105 vehicles for military use.

The position of the company is ensured not only sales of the popular series Mi-8/17 helicopters, but also the beginning of series production for the Russian army of new combat helicopter Mi-28N ("Rostvertol") and Ka-52 ("Progress").

"In 2010, there is a significant (more than 30%) increase in total revenues Top 10, which was the beginning of the industrial output of the world economic crisis," — said the representative of CAST.


S-400 "Triumph" is designed to engage the aerodynamic air targets (tactical and strategic aircraft, jammers, such as "AWACS", CR), including those made with the use of technology "Stealth" at a distance of about 400 km, as well as ballistic missiles with a range of up to 3,500 km, hypersonic objects and other current and future air attack.

The composition of the base case AAMS "Triumph" similar to that of air defense missile systems S-300 and includes radar to detect targets such as 64N6, the radar sector review 76N6 and a new type of radar detection range of about 600 km, multi-function control radar type 30N6; AAMS command post with Computing complex series of "Elbrus"; launchers, anti-aircraft missiles and 48N6E 48N6E2 and 9M96E new missiles, and missile 9M96E2 very long distances.

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The main advantages of the "Triumph", compared to the S-300PM: the possibility of destruction of all existing JSS including BR flight at speeds up to 5000 m / sec; increased 1.5-2 times in range and altitude of the affected area aircraft jammers, such as AWACS, as well as modern reconnaissance-strike complexes, increased 4-5 times in the total density of interference immunity shield, increased by 2.5 times or more fire performance; 2-2.5 times increased combat effectiveness the system while reducing the maintenance factor of 2 of its personnel, the ability to attack targets adjacent SAM, the possibility of integration in the Air Force and other branches of the armed forces.

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In AAMS "Triumph" used "cold" start missiles, in which the main engine work begins at a height of more than 30 meters after the release of SAM launch canister powder catapult and the decline of its gas-dynamic system in the direction of the target. This increases the reach of range and reduces the range of the engagement. Highly maneuverable missile guidance technology was perfected in the ICD "Torch" in the period 1988-1993,. on an experimental short-range anti-aircraft missile.

The universality of these missiles allows their use in naval and ground anti-aircraft missile systems. It is assumed that they can be a major long-range weapons of "air-to-air" and the Russian Air Force combat aircraft.

Successful testing of the S-400 missile with the standard at the end of 2006 became the basis for the system of the Russian army and its definition as a base for all branches of the Armed Forces.

It is planned that the anti-aircraft regiments of S-400 will cover the major industrial centers of the Russian Federation in cooperation with the cosmic forces, including ballistic missiles.

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