Almaz-Antey has completed the reconstruction and technical re-

Sochi Airport

JSC "Concern PVO" Almaz — Antey "in close cooperation with the Russian industry has completed the reconstruction and technical re-equipment of the complex air traffic control radar support operations and telecommunications Airport Sochi (Adler).

  • The new control tower Sochi Airport
  • The new control tower Sochi Airport

Total cost of equipment Sochi airport with modern facilities amounted to more than 800 million rubles.

In operation introduces a new control tower Sochi airport, equipped with a unique, modern complex of automation of air traffic control (ATC KSA) "Synthesis-A2 ‘production of" VNIIRA "(St. Petersburg), included in the Concern PVO" Almaz — Antey . " This complex is designed to provide an effective, safe and quality aircraft maintenance. Its commissioning will raise the safety of the region to a new level and greatly simplify the work of air traffic controllers in the days of the XXII Olympic Winter Games, when the load on the airport will increase four-fold. Sochi’s air traffic controllers have completed special training at the gym, designed and installed by specialists of "VNIIRA" and are ready to work on the new ATC system.

In addition, the airport has been delivered and installed modern domestic surveillance equipment, navigation, communication and air traffic management (ATM). In particular, the airport is equipped with ILS landing, short-range navigation systems, equipment monitoring and management of navigation, two-way VHF radio centers and HF radio, aircraft radar system, a complex of automation monitoring and control of aerodrome traffic, including multi-monitor system.

According to Deputy General Director of Concern PVO "Almaz — Antey" on civil and dual-purpose Vedrova Alexander, "in the course of work on the project in Sochi, we are faced with some serious objective and subjective difficulties. However, past the Group and its companies manufacturing and technological capacities to help them overcome in time and perform the full range of work ahead of time fixed by the contract with the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State Corporation for Air Traffic Management in the Russian Federation."

The existing area of the old control tower and equipment in service airport Sochi (Adler) cope with its responsibilities, but limited the opportunities of development, which is particularly relevant given the increase in passenger traffic and air traffic in the area of responsibility of the center of the Black Sea ATS branch "Air Navigation of the South" FSUE " State ATM Corporation "during the Winter Olympic Games in 2014.

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