Almost all Americans — against an attack on Syria. But they choose not to

The Nobel Peace Prize B.H.Obama and British Prime Minister James Cameron discussed the details of a future attack on the Syrian Republic, the agency said. Meanwhile, among U.S. citizens conducted a new survey on the attitude to a new war. Reuters and carried him Ipsos.


Want to attack Syria 9% of Americans.

We are convinced that the attack on Syria impossible — 60% of Americans.

Interesting point: Sociologists say almost the first time that did not work trouble-free PR-script style "obtained new evidence on the use of the Assad regime’s weapons of mass destruction against innocent people."

Rather, at first he almost worked: more August 13 polls have shown that if the United States will find contested the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian authorities — the number of supporters of intervention will increase to 30% (with 40% of those who, even in this case, against an attack).

Catching the trend, the U.S. media began to fill the air forcefully picture "of the alleged offense the Syrian authorities’ allegedly poisoned by demonstrating the power of the Syrian people in the Syrian same hospitals and the bodies allegedly killed civilians by the Syrian authorities.

But something misfired — and already on August 23, the number of applicants to attack Syria Americans if the United States will find contested the use of chemical weapons has decreased to 25% of the respondents. A number of opponents of the war, when all hands — has grown to 46%. "Images of chemical attack all the more wary of Americans to get involved in another conflict in the Middle East", Says Reuters.

… All this proves only one thing: the so-called "Hawks" in the U.S. government aremarginalized minority, acting against the will of most Americans. If, before the destruction of Yugoslavia, Iraq or Libya, he still managed to play on the fear of the majority of terrorism or sympathy to victims of all sorts of "crimes against humanity" are often invented in the PR offices — then and now it does not work.

But because the marginal minority in the United States — precisely because they are marginal — organically can not take into account the most common sense — perhaps the peaceful mood of the American people will play a role in making the final decision about the attack.

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