Alpica service: a look into the future

Today the resort runs a global reconstruction and will be open for guests for the next season. Building investor is JSC "Gazprom".

The following provides an overview of the ski resort "Alpica-service", as we see, add one chairlift on the ridge in the area Salymovskogo Circus (in the direction of "Rose Farm") to a height of 2,256 meters. It is even easier access to the most popular freeride routes. Both the top line will be equipped with replanting.

Also, from the bottom to the bobsleigh track will be going the extra lift from the "Rose Farm", the lower station is located a few meters from the hotel «Park inn», and is almost completed.



                                                The scheme of cable cars

The lower cable car station — view from the open air (from the F / station). As you can see, the architecture as the "Old Alpica" — the same stone and wood in the design, only a few times have increased the scale of the buildings. It will house offices, equipment hire, retail and office space, the rescue service, medical center.

Hence it is a 3S-lift on the ridge Psekhako (GTZ Gazprom), which will lift the tourists to 1600 meters in the 30-seater booths. You can read previous material about this unique cable car.

3S-lift Road to the ridge Psekhako

M / A station "Alpica-service" is located within walking distance from here — at a distance of 200-300 meters.

Summer option of using the site — go-karting and roller skating.

Winter — skating rink.

And the general scheme of the transport hub "Alpica service":

increase scheme

Transfer station 4 turns (from 4 to 5 and from 4 to 6). Here will rescue service and a small restaurant with 50 seats.

The upper cable car station (6) with a panoramic platform at a height of 2238 Mestre (where there used to be a top of the "quartet").

The upper cable car station (5) at an altitude of 2256 meters, there will be located a panoramic restaurant with 150 seats and a summer terrace with 100 seats.



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