Altajhimprom restores production


Since October, the company "Altajhimprom" (Yarovoye, Altai Krai) began work on the re-activation of production capacity. As reported by "LMC Portal" in the press service of the company prepared to launch the installation for the production of halothane. In addition, preparing to restore production kremneyorganicheskih liquids. Its launch is scheduled for November 2012.

As previously reported, "LMC Portal", it was planned that the company is bankrupt investment will come from China. Production sites visited by the presidents of Chinese companies Kuyfu Lee (Shenyang paint company "Golden Pegasus"), Zhou Zhunguan (Shenyang import-export company, "Hermes") and Pan Shuping (Dalian company zhiromaslyanoy chemistry "Daping"). They familiarized themselves with the technical state of the plants. As a result, the parties agreed to conduct market research paints in Russia (capacity, competition) in order to identify the most promising market segments.

Approx. Altajhimprom — an enterprise which journalists are buried at the beginning of the year

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