Altay became leaders on meat

Over the past year there has been produced more than 1.5 million tons of livestock and poultry

According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the region, "Altai region continues to hold a leading position. The region’s share in the common Siberian volume exceeded 20%. In January-November of last year in all categories of farms edge was 299 thousand tons of meat. The increase over the same period in 2011 was 3.6%, "- said in a statement.

Such growth is not accidental, because in the past there has been launched a few large objects pork, beef cattle and poultry, and many existing companies have significantly increased capacity. Over the past four years, the growth of livestock and poultry for slaughter has exceeded 69 thousand tons.

Government support has also played a significant role for the last 4 years of the program "Development of beef cattle in the Altai Territory" for 2009-2012 "on the development of beef cattle were sent to 553,300,000 rubles. During this period the population of beef cattle and landed in the region increased by 4.8 times.
Through the implementation of economically significant regional program "Development of industrial pig farming in the Altai Territory" for 2012-2014 companies spent about 100 million rubles from the regional and federal budgets.

Champions regionpoultry enterprises and companies of the industrial pig — they provide much of the Altai Territory livestock glory. According to experts, the work of these companies in the coming years will increase pork production by more than 40 thousand tons.

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