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After a week in the Altai region will begin production of wine from grape harvest in 2012.
Territory Governor Alexander Karlin was in the Altai region, where since 2009 the French grapes cultivated four varieties: Chardonnay, Muscat, Pinot Noir, Minya. Already this year, manufacturers are planning to release three varieties of French wines under the brand name "Altai vine": dry red wine, sweet red and white semi-sweet. According to the experts, with the current weather grapes to reach optimum maturity as early as next week. Recall that in 2011 in the Altai region has brought German equipment necessary for pressing grapes, certified by European standards.

During a visit to the vineyard of the head of the region Alexander Karlin said: "I would like to stress that this project was not invested a single penny from the regional budget. We provide organizational, methodological support, helped to establish contacts, invited by French experts. We have done and will do. No one is saying that the Altai region tomorrow will compete with winemakers in Spain, Italy, South Africa, France. The question is: the vineyards — it’s a great business move to increase the tourist attractiveness of the area. In addition, the region’s wine culture is beginning to take shape. Now in the Altai region of more than 20 recognized varieties of grapes suitable for the production of table wines. Now we are on the threshold of industrial production of wine. "
The first production batch of grape harvest in 2012 will happen in a week — in the first decade of September, there will be only three. According to the CEO of the concern "AltaySpirtProm" Vladimir Wagner, French colleagues actively help beginners Altai winemakers. "Thanks to the French technology we boldly set a goal of industrial cultivation of grapes", — said Vladimir Wagner.
On the Altai vineyards are planted 23 million seedlings, plantation occupies 6.5 hectares. "We plowed 15 acres along the route, so that tourists can see the vineyards. In the future, on the road to the "Turquoise Katun" We want to place the wine cellars, where guests can sample the product "- shared his plans Vladimir Wagner. 
Reference: Vineyards in the Altai region was laid in 2009 on the initiative of Vladimir Wagner and with the active support of the regional administration. The place was not chosen by chance — the climate of the foothills well softens the Siberian winter. Consultants Altai growers were scientists and breeders winemakers from the French province of Franche-Comte. 
The first experimental batch of red wine "Altai vine" received in December 2011. Wine is positioned as the French, as for its production using the latest French technology in grape growing and processing. 
At the same time the region is actively preparing professionals for its cultivation. The specialists of "Altai winery" — graduates of fermentation technology and winemaking Altai State Technical University. II Polzunova — were trained in agricultural technology high school in the city Monmore (France) and in the enterprise, "Bo Manor — Father and sons." After a few years in the Altai is planned to produce up to 500 thousand bottles of red and white wine. The region is also calculated to produce grape jams and juices.


To retool in ZAVYALOVSKY district sent 123 million rubles The money farmers have purchased 40 cars

In just the last 1.5 years for the purchase of modern agricultural machinery, equipment and machinery for livestock in the Altai region spent about $ 9 billion rubles. In ZAVYALOVSKY area for this purpose sent 123 million rubles, more than 40 million of them — in January and June of this year. 
"During this period, agricultural producers district purchased 40 machines. Among them — the four combine harvesters, forage harvesters and five five sowing machines. The greatest demand for a wide range of works used tractors — they are 1.5 years purchased 26 pieces, "- said General Directorate of Agriculture of the Altai Territory. 
According to the department, agricultural equipment with modern means having comfortable operation, high performance, ability to carry out several activities in one pass, allows farmers to increase profitability.




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