Altay: new projects

In the framework of the project "Integrated Development of Altai Ob ‘formed agro-industrial, Biopharmaceutical, Fuel and energy and tourism and recreation clusters.

They are designed not only to provide the population with basic foodstuffs, import pharmaceutical products and high-quality tourist services, but also to enter the inter-regional and international markets.

On a number of fronts Altai is a pioneer.
Since established in 2008 in Biysk biopharmaceutical cluster — The only one in the country.


It includes three components: the chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, biopharmaceutical manufacturing and food production with desired beneficial properties.
In March 2009, the Governor of the Territory Alexander Karlin joined the Board on the development of the pharmaceutical and medical industry of the Russian Government. And the concept of cluster formation is available on the official website of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia as an example of successful implementation of the cluster initiative in the regions, said Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee for Industrial Policy Yuriy Shamkov on the pages of the anthology "Russian Business glory."


"Today the cluster gives the opportunity to actively develop several dozen companies that produce pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical industry. Become parties have expressed a desire for more than 30 organizations in the region. Among them — NPK "Altai", JSC "Altayvitaminy", JSC "Evalar", JSC "Mikhailovsky plant chemical agents", JSC "Altajhimprom" to them. GS Vereshchagin and others. In addition, the founders included the regional administration, the City Byisk, the Union of Industrialists of the Altai Territory.

Bijsk as a science city became the main center for the implementation and development of the project biofarmklastera. The cluster brings together industrial and scientific potential participants and will ensure the production of innovative products and services on a global level. Smaller companies, in alliance with the major will be able to produce competitive products and to promote it under a single brand «AltaiBio», said Yuri Shamkov.

Today, enterprises cluster produce more than 600 kinds of medicines, dietary supplements, drug substances, about 100 species of sanitary products based on the antlers. Its members have over 100 patents, some of which are unique in the Russian manufacturers of pharmaceutical substances.

For five years in Biisk sold 200 innovative projects. They provided the increase in production of about 7.5 billion. The complete cycle of innovation from research and development to manufacturing high-tech products provides research and production complex of the city of 15 high-tech companies working in co-operation with small innovative companies. A number of projects biopharmaceutical cluster is directly related to the use of nanotechnology. Today it is one of the main trends of scientific and technical policy of the leading enterprises of science city. The city operates inter-regional center of nanotechnology, bringing together researchers Byisk, Tomsk and Novosibirsk. With a focus on innovation sector implemented new directions regional program to support small businesses — grants to budding entrepreneurs, micro-loans, issuance of guarantees through the Altai guarantee fund.

In the short term — providing subsidies to small companies generated at universities and research institutions, as well as the already existing innovative businesses. They will be compensated for the costs of new product development, patenting, purchase of equipment and new technologies. New mechanisms to stimulate the creativity of scientists and inventors in the region. Positioning cluster initiatives carried out in the framework of cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Regional Development and the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. This work has resulted in the designation of the Strategy of the pharmaceutical industry of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2020 Altai among the most significant regions.

The plans for the future — the creation of a modern industrial park based on public-private partnership involving the production area to accommodate three large pharmaceutical companies and a number of small companies, as well as the logistics area in the vicinity of a highway, says Yuri Shamkov, the official website of the Altai Territory .

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