Altay: SHP October has revolutionized the dairy complex

Farming "October" in the Altai Region Zonal reconstructed complex for the production of milk for 800 skotomest, according to the General Administration of agriculture of the Altai Territory.

From the regional budget of agricultural enterprises make up 20% of the costs for the purchase of machinery and equipment for animal husbandry.

The complex is equipped with modern dairy technology, assembled feed tables, rebuilt the roof with windows made of polycarbonate, the reconstruction of floors, renovated lobbies and walls, installed a new trench silo, bought cooling tanks, mixers ISRK-12.

Recall that in the framework of the regional program "Construction, reconstruction and modernization of 100 dairy and 100 beef complexes and farms in the Altai region (The" 100 + 100 ")" for 2011-2013 in the current year is planned construction, reconstruction and modernization of the 64 objects in livestock 23.9 thousand staging areas.

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