Altay: young scientist went to the finals, Zvorykinsky project


Organizing Committee "Zvorykinsky project" November 21 finalists named "Zworykin Award" this year. They were the 24’s innovative projects, including the young scholar from the Altai region Paul Trehub.

It acts in the category "Medical technology and pharmaceuticals. " On competition graduate of Altai State Medical University, deputy director of SPC "Carbonic" presented an innovative project — medical diagnostic complex "Carbonic", created on the basis of breathing training Kulikova professor. This system is intended for wide application in the medical field, including the prevention and treatment of diseases of the heart and brain. Currently, the unit is already being actively implemented in specialized stores and pharmacies Altai region and parts of Russia.

The regional management of the Education and Youth Affairs recalled that in the semifinals, "Zvorykinsky Project — 2011", which was held November 18-20 in Moscow, attended by two other experts from the Altai region, Alexander and Maxim Mazhnik Lenski. The young people presented projects in the category "Innovative Product".

Finals and awards ceremony will take place at the main event "Zvorykinsky project» — IV All-Russian Youth Innovation Convention. It will be held on November 29 in Moscow. Determine the best projects in 8 nominations: 3 common ("Innovation Project", "Innovative Product", "innovative idea"), and 5 special ("Nuclear Technologies", "Energy and Resources", "Space Technology and Telecommunications", "Medical Technology and pharmaceuticals "and" Computer technology and software ").

FAQ: Zworykin Award — National Award for Innovation for Young Scientists and Specialists — an annual competition of innovative projects, which is held by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs under the "Zvorykinsky project." Competition is one of the main tools of search and selection of innovative projects under the program. The experts of the competition are the members of the Council of young scientists, researchers and experts in various fields of science, engineering, technology, well-known scientists, representatives of major Russian companies, venture capital funds, innovative firms and other organizations, as well as authoritative experts in the field of economic expertise and financing of innovative projects . Bidders may be young citizens of the Russian Federation at the age of 14 to 30 years (having a degree — up to 35 years) presenting innovative projects.

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