Alterra vs Numatik

Industrial vacuum cleaner Alterra VA-230/KB (Russia) production of "Ural-Ferrum"

Alterra is designed for dry industrial waste collection until the ultrafine dust of less than 0.1 microns (cement — approx.) Can be used in engineering, wood processing, food manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, construction, etc.
The main competitor of Alterra, it anglitsky vacuum NUMATIC NTT 2003-2 production company «Numatic».

The most interesting is that the domestic vacuum cleaner has a number of significant advantages over the imported counterpart, namely:
Alterra / Numatic:
Flow rate (l / s) — 112/110
Suction power (mbar) — 260/255
Waste tank capacity (l) — 20/80
Noise Level (dB) — 65/74
Power consumption — 2.4 / 3.6
Price (Euro) — 35,500 / 68,790
Nom. hose diameter (mm) — 50/38
Weight (kg) — 40/32
Dimensions (mm) — 1015? 400×900/1075? 560×660

That is, the main measure of performance, cleaning power, noise level, and most importantly PRICE, our vacuum cleaner is better!

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