Altonika began to produce modules for the Cisco

Zelenograd factory "Altonika" was the first platform of localized production of Cisco equipment in Russia. The announcement was made by company Cisco Systems, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of telecommunications equipment.

Licensed production of the main assembly of electronic components VPN-modules Cisco, intended for installation in Cisco routers and the protection of confidential information, was launched to "Altonika" April 26, 2011. This launch — a consequence of long-term commitment to support innovative development of Russia made by the company Cisco during last year’s visit of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at the headquarters of Cisco, according to a press release.

"Altonika" took assembly of printed circuit boards for the upgraded modules NME-RVPN, ensuring the formation of virtual private networks with support for Russian cryptographic algorithms — before these modules were manufactured abroad, in Russia was carried out only by their programming, and now come from abroad for the printed circuit board assembly , according to Computerworld.

Investments "Altonika" in the production of electronic components for the modules Cisco amounted to more than € 200 million These funds were used to purchase new equipment and in the organization of production, transformed for the sake of the stringent requirements of the new customer. Preparing line PCB modules Cisco was carried out jointly by Russian engineers and manufacturing company by an international team of specialists Cisco. "We have not had a single Russian order with such well developed as that of Cisco, technology requirements", — said Simon Lukachev, director of "Altonika." Return on their investment, "Altonika" implies at least three years.

The design capacity of the assembly line modules, Cisco will make up to 10 million units per year. All are aimed at satisfying the demand on the Russian market, being fully certified for use in Russia, including the requirements of the Federal Security Service, as the general director of OOO "Cisco Systems" Paul Betsis. For Cisco Russian production — not so much commercial as strategic project. The company aims to work more closely with the Russian state agencies and certify their equipment to the FSB to participate in their tenders.

Today, almost all components for the VPN-modules are supplied from abroad, and Cisco believe that the Russian microelectronics is not yet able to compete with Western leaders in this area, but the cost of telecommunications equipment is often determined not by the chips and other components, which can create quite in Russia. Betsis stressed that, unlike most similar projects that involve the production of a screwdriver bit, Cisco immediately in the mood for a deeper level of localization: in the territory of the Russian Federation will be carried out as a printed circuit board assembly, and their final assembly and testing, writes portal Thg. ru.

"Altonika" is the right partner for this, being close by Russian standards, a contract manufacturer of electronics with advanced equipment for PCB assembly and control of production processes. One of the main advantages of the company, according to Cisco, is the maximum automation of production. "Currently, the Russian market is few companies capable of providing high-quality and regular deliveries in mass production of electronics on contract terms.

The market of the Russian electronics contract manufacturing developing, and in these circumstances to find a partner for serial production of high-tech electronic equipment is not easy ", — explained the director of the PC" Altonika "Simon Lukachev. "As stated in the Company, effective organization of production and procurement system provides the ability to compete with producers from countries in South-East Asia, dragging Russian companies placing orders earlier in China. Currently the production capacity of the company are working in two shifts, scheduled transition to three-shift "- adds Computerworld.

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