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"AIF Tambov", 15.10.2003, Tambov, n42, p.9

Author: Semenova

The story began over 10 years ago. From a few women, independently of one another have visited India in communities world-famous holy Sai Baba and Sri Babaji, writer Rechkin learned that in western Siberia near Omsk, namely near the village Okunevo is a powerful energy center.

Many thousands of years ago there was a temple sacred Indian monkey Hanuman, and now at this point there is some open channel with the cosmos.

The writer has extracted a card with the so-called "mantle circles," pointing to the probability of the existence of ancient civilizations. Perch was in the "bull's-eye" of the circle.

But the most amazing information Rechkin reported "contactees" — his team of clairvoyants. After a long search, the writer and his associates have found unusual lakes water from them if the bottle to fill it for years without spoiling, treated various skin diseases, tuberculosis, and even anti-aging!

The road to the temple

And how is the church? Olga Gurbanovich took such a response from the Higher Powers: "The temple was seven domes, each had its purpose. Chief mascot was the jewel in the sanctuary of extraterrestrial origin — living, thinking Crystal — artificial intelligence. Octahedral crystal of great beauty still intact." It is thanks to him five lakes, as mentioned above, has a healing power. When the temple will find the energy stored in it for thousands of years, will close the shield all of Western Siberia, and with the help of a crystal, we can … come into contact with other worlds. "

In the same hour Rechkin called "contactee" Eugene Carlin from Krasnodar and taken aback enthusiast: "Your crystal is at the bottom of the Shaitan-the lake, beneath the island of grass." These coincidences just curdle the blood! But in addition to messages psychics Mikhail decided to involve the search for the scientists.

Okunevsky subway

Seismic showed: under the ground at a depth of 7-15 m is something like a tunnel. Spotted several anomalous zones that are different from the healthy surrounding soil on the structure and the so-called elastic characteristics. The general form of the underground "abnormality" was inclined Eight. Moreover, the proposed tunnel showed interference frequency 7-8 MHz. What does that mean — the tunnel enjoy!

To make sure that the "underground" does exist, it is necessary drilling. If the core drill to the surface of the column will stone, concrete, metal or vitreous melted, then …

The writer wants to create in the region of anomalous energy center Okunevsky sort of permanent spiritual community. If its members are constantly meditated on the basis of the famous Indian yogi Maharishi might have been able to stop the development of a global cataclysm and recreate over Russia psihovibratsionnoe field, woven of positive thoughts, feelings and emotions …

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