Ambulance equipped with helicopters

In Moscow a clinic, which is equipped with not only the latest equipment, but also its own helipad. So now here you can not only visit, but also fly. Outside the main building is the Mi-2 with resuscitation equipment. The helicopter ready to fly around the clock.

By the way, use the services of the air ambulance can not just those who are attached to the Clinical Manager of the hospital president’s job, but all insured under policies of voluntary health insurance, whose insurers cooperate with the clinic. Half of the seats given to residents of the city.

So far, the ambulance aircraft we used mainly MOE, although there is a need for it in other cases. Machine "emergency" will reach from the city center to the moose island during rush hour in an hour and a half, and the helicopter will take the patient for six minutes. For patients with stroke, this difference is sometimes the difference between life and death. The pilot Sergey Efimov says: "If I have to, say, take the patient from Vladimir, then it will take no more than 45 minutes. Hour flight — 30 thousand rubles. "

While at the disposal of the hospital two helicopters, but the company’s cooperation with the clinic, another helicopter is always in reserve. In fact, helicopter pads are available in other clinics in Moscow, but serves them state-owned company, which rates nearly three times as much.

For some unknown planting instructions on the territory of the federal agencies helicopters banned, and the hospital at Elk Island is such an institution.

"Our pilot project" Delivery patients using helicopters, "showed a complete lack of regulatory framework for air ambulance," — says the chief doctor of the hospital Elena Yashin — "even though insurance companies say about the demand for such services."

According to the chief doctor is needed program for the development of air ambulance, which would make the "first aid" really soon. The project has shown that there are difficulties for companies — owners of the equipment. To fly over Moscow should take the resolution into four departments. Therefore, in the event of emergencies do not waste any time getting papers, we have to execute the application every day. Moreover, regardless of whether or not to fly. In European countries, by the way, helicopter flights legalized, and this kind of ambulance transport is very popular. As for the reliability of the Mi-2, the pilots on such matters very offended: 100 percent sure that our helicopters are better prepared for the vagaries of weather than the imported ones.

So far, the Elk Island in the air defiantly raised mannequin — Aunt Lisa, as she is called pilots, but there is already an order to carry real seriously ill patient. Now he is in Israel, relatives want to deliver it to Sheremetyevo, and then — by helicopter to the hospital.

Irina Ivoilova
"Rossiyskaya Gazeta" — Capital Issue number 5533 (157), 21.07.2011

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