America helped the Iraqi poison gas Iran

American Foreign Policy magazine published an article that has already been called sensational. It follows that 30 years ago, the U.S. knew about the plans of Saddam Hussein's use of chemical weapons against Iran and did nothing. Moreover, the Americans allegedly helped him.

"America helped Saddam when he gassed Iran" — a case where a loud headline does not exaggerate the essence of what was happening. Irrefutable proof. In publishing the magazine Foreign Policy — declassified CIA documents. From which it follows that the United States is much more tolerant of the use of chemical weapons if it hits the desired target. An example of this — the Iran-Iraq war of the 80s.

"The Iraqis have successfully used chemical weapons in three separate battles, since August 1983, and are going to continue to use it in large quantities in the case of an active attack Iranians. Do not rule out that there would be chemical attacks against civilian settlements, such as the city of Qom, to seat Iran to the negotiating table. Any publicity that Iraq had used chemical weapons massively, throw back the efforts to strengthen the US-Iraqi relations, "- said the declassified documents.

Publicity and was not. The United States did not report to the UN on the facts of use of chemical weapons, although at that time Washington has signed all international conventions in this regard. Iran's victory was not profitable. And so, in 1983, Saddam Hussein is attacking Iranian mustard gas, and after five years of sarin nerve agent.

Moreover, in 1987, for fear of what is about to fall the Iraqi city of Basra, Baghdad CIA intelligence reports on the composition and exact location of Iranian troops, thus provoking the Iraqis on another war crime. Saddam Hussein did not hesitate to apply the sarin.

As expected, the CIA analysts, Hussein used gas and monstrous against the civilian population. In the first place, against the rebellious Kurds. Himsnaryadami bombing villages, gas attack in Halabadzha. Thousands of dead, injured tens of thousands. Directed the operations Hussein's cousin, Ali Hassan al-Majid, nicknamed Chemical Ali. He, like Saddam was hanged. 22 years later. After the American invasion of Iraq, the cause of which was still the same chemical weapons. It turns out that once again came in handy.

Accusations of human rights abuses, repression, and then in the use of weapons of mass destruction or genocide of his people — a proven formula for years starting wars. Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya. Equation with one unknown — who bomb seems to have decided to again. Now the example of Syria.

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