America needs a new war or capitalism dies

America needs a new war? For the survival of the economy? To restore the jobs market? Prosperity of capitalism? Probably. And here’s why.

As reported by Forbes, the GDP according to initial data "fell in the fourth quarter for the first time in three and a half years … has gone down year on year by 0.1 percent," although "the economists expected GDP growth of 1 percent." (The most recent revaluation of the GDP data showed an increase of 0.4 percent). The dramatic 15 percent reduction in government spending led to a slowdown in economic activity. Most articles were cut the military budget, which decreased by 22.2 percent, which was the massive reduction in the defense sector after the end of the war in Vietnam. "

The war gives the economy the stimulus, and we — the nation-warrior: is it not the Second World pulled us out of the Great Depression? And the Iraq and Afghan wars, the longest in history, no doubt stimulated the economy … war machine has doubled in volume to $ 260 billion in 2000 to about $ 550 billion — in the past … GDP grew by 50 percent from $ 10 trillion to 15 … and the federal debt from $ 5 trillion at a time when our leaders believed that "debt does not matter", has tripled to more than $ 15 trillion.

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