American concentration camp

While the CIS liberals of all stripes piously believe in the United States as the empire of goods bearing the light of democracy to all corners of a dark totalitarian world, American intellectuals such as Noam Chomsky,call America "a leading state-terrorist", regularly violates all international laws and of the code.


United States in recent years turned into an "electronic concentration camp" for tens of thousands of its citizens. And the image of the U.S. as a nation of justice, does not withstand scrutiny by private stories of ordinary residents.


Recently, the American press writes a lot about the sad storiesStephen Washburn. Washburn American soldier, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, lives in the United States. And his wife — in Ireland. But fly to his wife Washburn could not because his name is included in the No-Fly List — a list of individuals who start smoking in airplanes, as allegedly prone to terrorism. Get to Ireland in any other way is difficult, and so Steven and his wife had not seen for a long time. And it looks like you will not see for a long time.


Having found his name in the list of counter-terrorism, Washburn decided to be a victim of the error and asked the Department of Homeland Security with a request to correct it. But there it was — the American fighters against terrorism, denied him without explanation.


This story would not have caused such a public outcry if such units concerned, or at least dozens of people that can be blamed on bureaucratic arbitrariness or reinsurance. But in the No-Fly List — a list of individuals who start smoking in airplanes, according to official data included 21,000 people. In this list, created by U.S. government agencies, made people who are prohibited from traveling on aircraft, both domestic and international airlines in the United States.


Feature list is that it contains the names of the people and not the specific information about a potential intruder. This is the reason that the flights are deprived of the right to full and namesake, made the stop list. In this case, people are not given the information they entered into the list.


Recently, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) appealed to the court on behalf of 13 people who are in a secret government stop list of flights and can not in this connection to fly to or from the United States or over U.S. airspace. These people, including four military veterans, children, people with disabilities, was never told why they are on the list and how to get out of this list. Inability to use the aircraft to move seriously affected their life, work, contacts between relatives and friends.


For example, an American citizen and a veteran of the U.S. Marine CorpsIbrahim Mashal— The father of three children, working dog trainer, can not serve customers who are outside the reach of his home in Illinois on the car, because he is also a no-fly-list and can not get on board the aircraft.


Another plaintiff — a U.S. citizenSadiq Long, gave 10 years of service of the U.S. Air Force and now lives in Qatar. He bought the tickets from Qatar to the United States to visit his mother, who is very ill. The day before departure he received a call from the airline and was told to put him on a flight can not, because he is on the list that forbids him to fly to the United States. It was only after more than six months after interminable proceedings Long allowed into the United States. When he visits the mother after going back to Qatar and his lawyer specifically sent a warning letter to the FBI, it turned out, he was again included in the "black list", and can not return to their home in Qatar.


But if it were only about adult males, in which, at the anti-terrorist paranoia can hardly be suspected of potential terrorist. A couple of years ago, this stop-list of the Ministry of Internal Security landed six year old at the time a resident of the State of OhioAlice Thomas. Only after much coaxing parents Cleveland airport security have made it to the landing. A teenagerMichael Hicksa New Jersey security services carefully searched the age of two — he also is listed in the notorious list.


This list is not suspected of terrorist activities. It violated the constitutional rights and freedoms of its citizens, innocent people, never accused of any crime, moreover, faithfully serving his country.


But the more democratic deficit in the United States, the more applications for the messianic role of America, designed to "bestow" a suffering world democracy and criticism of human rights violations in the countries of unwanted, interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, the financing of various non-governmental organizations working against the interests of their States.


In 1967, at the initiative of the philosopher Bertrand Russell, thinkers, scientists, public and political leaders was held in Stockholm and Roskilde (Netherlands)The International Tribunal for War Crimes U.S.against humanity in Vietnam. The verdict of the first session of the Tribunal on 10 May 1967 said, "The United States trample the fundamental rights of the people of Vietnam." After that, the list of victims of the "democratization" of the United States topped Grenada, Serbia, Iraq, Libya and many other countries have felt the full weight of suffocating embrace of American human rights activists.


Today, as in the world are almost no countries in which America would not try to "bring democracy", the victims of the violation of the fundamental human rights of the people of the United States has become.


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