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Our main fundamental right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are attacked. And our enemy — "The great wealth" and not "big government", as we are assured conservatives. Judge for yourself.

Life. The gap in life expectancy between the richest Americans and middle-income countries is growing.

Freedom. Corporations operating in the field of information technology, stormed our privacy. While banks plunge us into debt, and those under contractual almost draw us into slavery. All the decreasing number of working Americans are robbed in their basic freedoms.

The pursuit of happiness. "Social elevator" in the United States is dead. Choice of employment is increasingly shrinking. But those who continue to roach and earn more, asked to reflect on the following: in the period from 1969 to 2008, the average salary in the country increased by 11,684 dollars. How much of this amount of money received "upper" 10 percent of the population? Everything. The remaining 90 percent of the revenues actually fell.

These changes did not occur in one day. They happened at the behest of the rich and corporations. Theft of your personal freedoms businessmen called the "struggle for the freedom of corporations." Merriam-Webster's Dictionary defines the term "right" as "something that you can rightly demand." Definition of the word "freedom" include such interpretations as "the right to do what the individual wants," "independence from willful or despotic control", "delight the various social, political, or economic rights and privileges" and the "right choice".

That is how you feel when dealing with your bank? While the right-wing government elected by the people portrayed in the form of a faceless oppressor, large corporations and super-rich individual — what we call the "big rich" — every day violate our individual rights and freedoms. Here are 10 of the most striking examples.

Our American freedom ends at the door through which you enter the workplace.

More and more people are hired for part-time or on temporary contracts — to deny them the rights and benefits. Your employer can get into the standing on your desk computer to examine your same e-mail, and issued him a mobile phone to track your every move. Freedom of speech? Can you get fired for expressing your political views on the Internet, and — even if you're doing it after hours. As stated by Mark Trapp, a lawyer specializing in labor law, "freedom of expression, in fact, work there."

Is under attack and on the long-standing right of workers to form unions. Governors and state lawmakers cite gaps in the budgets — to actions of corporations and reduced taxation of the rich — not to conclude agreements with the trade unions on wage rates. Your rights violated, sorry, even during trips to the toilet. As reported in "The New York Times 'Mary Williams' staff in lower positions in the toilet can even clock with a stopwatch, strictly forbid them to go there, they may impose a penalty for frequent trips to the bathroom, and supervisors, receiving instructions, can "hurry" them out of there. "

We are losing the "right to life" — from birth to old age.

Always amazed that those who defend the right to life of the unborn child, unfamiliar with the fact: according to the latest statistics, the United States ranks 49th in the number of infant deaths.

The next time you read the article about the impoverished people of North Korea and their apparent devotion to their leader inadequate, outdated economic system of the country, here's something to ponder: the average life expectancy of an African American who lives in New Orleans, about equal to the length of life of a citizen of North Korea. (That — 69.3 years. — approx. Interpreter). And it is less than in Colombia, Venezuela and Vietnam. In the U.S. capital, the difference in life expectancy between white and African-American men is 13 years. Among the poor whites of America the situation is not much better. A study conducted in 2005, established the duration of the poor living in Appalachia or the Mississippi Valley, approximately equal to the duration of the life of a citizen of Mexico and Panama. Their life expectancy by four and a half years less than the average white American living in other regions of the country.

We have lost the right to manage their own health. Millions of Americans have to beg for getting needed medical care. Then they have to fight with the complex and error-infested system of payment, discounts and bills for treatment, which for some unknown reason they refuse to compensate the insurance company. If they are not willing to spend hours in a battle with his insurer, or lose in disputes with them, they may be at the mercy of debt collectors for treatment, whose actions have already been the subject of legal proceedings, and the target of public criticism.

We lose the opportunity to get out of poverty, earn a decent living and to choose a career. Regular economic meltdown, generated by our banking system, have allowed employers to claim a reduction of wages for their employees, with salaries and bonuses of management of the organization grow. At the heart of the "social elevator" is the formation, but this door leading to a world of possibilities collapses. A study conducted by the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education shows that since the mid-eighties, the fee for education in high schools gradually shifted from taxpayers to students and their families. In this work, says that during the period when the median family income grew by 147 percent, the cost of a college education has risen by 439 percent. What impact, especially on low-income families. "For the poorest families of the annual cost of training a student in a public university was 55 percent of family income, that is, up 39 percent over 1999-2000," — notes, "The New York Times."

Some specialties are simply not available. Want to be a columnist or a reporter? According to forecasts of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this year in this area will disappear almost 4,000 jobs. Do you want to become a teacher? The authorities cut their staffs to patch holes from tax credits for the rich. Postal workers? The same pattern.

The death of American industry means that young people from low-income families do not fall into the middle-class society. Children of workers can not even walk in the footsteps of their parents.

But those who work there, almost can not provide a decent life. In the United States, the percentage of workers with low wages are much higher than in most other developed countries. According to studies, the proportion of jobs with an average wage between 1980 and decreased from 52 percent to 42 percent, but what percentage of jobs with low — increased from 30 to 41 percent. We were told that we, as Americans, have the right to choose a career, work and a decent life — if we work hard. Today, all these features are quickly disappearing.

We no longer have the right to personal time. In most developed countries, "the right to the pursuit of happiness" includes the time to rest: in the evenings, weekends and during the holidays. U.S. — one of the few developed countries that does not require employers to provide paid leave subordinates. Published in May last year, the analysis has shown that many people do not go on vacation because there is nobody to replace them, while others said they could not afford it. A much larger number of respondents reported that bosses are "pressured" to them, so that they refused to leave. Long-term observation of 12 thousand men suffering from heart disease, showed that those who took advantage of all the holiday lived longer.

So, in a society where fewer and fewer people can relax, it means that they are "urabatyvayutsya to death."

But it was not to leave the case alone. "Americans work about 11 hours a week more than in 1970, however, the budget of middle-income families was 13 percent — adjusted for inflation — less," — writes the "Washington Times".

No longer can we, as free people, to negotiate with the banks and corporations. Relationship "seller / buyer" is not equal are a bargain. Corporation permanently deprive us of vital information, plus we have weakened control over them. Banks often hide large payments and other key provisions of the loan in the complex and unreadable documents, allowing distort the conditions of the loan. Many corporations are allowed to operate as monopolies, including cable TV and the public health insurance. This situation breaks down what is called the "free market." We are denied the right choice and the possibility of negotiating conditions of contracts entered into by us.

We lose the ability to choose their residence and travel on your own. In the U.S., 16 million "underwater homes", where about 40 million people. (The term "underwater house" means the following. Specific real-life example: the family acquired in the vicinity of Las Vegas home for 187980 dollars, today, she would like to sell it and move to another place. But for now it just gives 99220 dollars. Family members took debt to purchase homes in the years when the United States intensive inflated "financial bubble", and prices were rising. After the crisis of 2008, the value of their homes has fallen, but what rate on the loan for the purchase of the house above the ordinary. As they say in the family, " house will not be worth the money paid by them to their deaths. "- approx. Interpreter). Bankers that they owe the money came overjoyed when the "bubble" burst. And the owners of homes were left with debts: they must return the money to the people who deceived them with the terms of the mortgage. The terms of deception are also often included the falsification of documents and misinformation. Until such time as these people do not pay it back, they are denied the right to move to another city, even if they choose to do so in search of jobs. Debts make this impossible. At the same time, many of the rich bankers live in enclaves fenced off behind fences and guarded. Do you want to look at their gorgeous home? You will not do that.

We have lost the right to privacy. Leaders of the "Facebook" and "Google" said the same thing: the time of privacy is over. Humble.

Private life should be a fundamental human right. The Americans, who assert, as if it will protect the right of the cost of living happily donate them playing "Mafia Wars." Or studying the life of celebrities. Perhaps — corresponding with classmates, which they never liked.

Internet companies in the name of its benefits sell our personal data. "Facebook" has sold information about those who took the videotape.

"Google" has made available to the "Wye-fi" feature "Street View." («Street View» literal translation of "Street View" feature that allows you to see panoramic views of streets of many cities, the viewing angles of 360 ° and 290 ° horizontal and vertical directions, respectively. — Approx. interpreter). IPhones 'Apple' tracked and stored in the memory of movement of their owners. We were taught that our house — a fortress. But electronic devices destroyed the walls and installed the spyware in the dining rooms, the offices and bedrooms.

We are losing our right to participate in public life as informed citizens. "In 1984, the controlling interest of the American media was owned by 50 companies today, their 6" — said Bill Moyers. (Bill Moyers — a famous journalist, he was the press secretary of the White House in the administration of President Lyndon Johnson in 1965-1967. — Approx. interpreter). Basically, it is the result of the Telecommunications Act, the initiatives Republican-backed Democratic President Bill Clinton. The law eliminated many "inconvenient voices' in the mainstream media and created an unlikely political consensus in the media. Polls show that the Internet, most of them, defeated the newspaper. But one should also: the vast majority of Americans still get their news from television. When combined with the influence of newspapers and radio stations, this means that the media owned by corporations that shape our understanding of current events. Tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in 2001, the day of the inauguration of President George W. Bush — but they almost nobody informed. Nearly a million demonstrators filled the streets of American cities February 15, 2003-go, protesting the invasion of Iraq. But the mainstream media ignored them. Or artificially "balanced" this action, showing the performances of the supporters of the war — despite the fact that most of those were about a dozen people.

We lose the right to representative democracy.

Wishes of the majority of Americans on a variety of issues are ignored, or they are declared political and journalistic elite marginal.

The bulk of the citizens want tighter control over banks, but it is impossible from the point of view of policy. They want to raise taxes on millionaires — but it is their desire to also rejected. In this country continues to implement policies, which plays into the hands of the most unpopular, according to the Gallup poll, American institutions, such as large corporations and Wall Street banks. However, Congress loses it in unpopularity among the respondents.

According to the magazine "The Nation" political scientist Corey Robin, "for us is long past time that we had to begin to argue about the principles of liberty."

P.S. According to newly released ranking of the richest countries in the world, the United States ranks it third place. However, unfortunately, in the Russian press rarely publish articles about the real lives of ordinary Americans in the richest country in the world.

Richard Esko — a former public servant who has worked in health care, information technology and finance. At present — Senior Researcher "Campaign for America's Future."

With an English translated Victor Gribachev

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