Ammonia is enough for all

Agrochemical holding "Fosagro" plans to build a large-scale production for the production of ammonia — the main semi-finished product for the manufacture of nitrogen fertilizers. In recent years, several companies have set their sights on running sub giant ammonia production. Almost simultaneously with the "Fosagro" of similar plans announced by representatives Holding "Akron". A group of Russian and foreign companies have been working on the creation of a large complex for the production of ammonia, methanol and nitrogen fertilizers in Bashkiria. As far as "Expert" information, a new large-scale production based on Belorechenskoye plant plans MHK "Eurochem".

As for the plans’ Fosagro ", the new unit can be built on a platform of" Cherepovets "Nitrogen" "- going concern of the company in the Vologda region. Its capacity will be about 700 thousand tons of ammonia per year — said the company’s director of strategic development Boris Levin. "Right now, the preparatory work on the study of proposals leading engineering firms — licensors of technology, the choice of possible placement of the new unit, the calculation of the need for raw materials and energy resources — explained to us in" Fosagro. " — By analogy with overseas projects and taking into account the requirements of Russian industrial safety unit cost is estimated at $ 600 million. It should be noted that the specific energy consumption in modern plants by 20-25 per cent lower than that of upgraded ammonia plants already operating in Russia. "

Additional volumes of semi-finished product the company plans to use to increase the production of complex fertilizers with the use of apatite own raw materials at "Ammofos" in the same Cherepovets. In addition, part of the product will be aimed at the European market, where high costs lead to a decrease in production of ammonia. "But this chemical product offerings from relatives to this market Russian companies in the North-West region in the next year will be reduced by nearly 500,000 tons per year — note in" Fosagro. " — By the time required to earn large plant for production of the final product udobrencheskoy — urea, construction of which is completed by "nitrogen" and "Akron" ".


Two competitors are unlikely to be crowded. In the medium term, the global fertilizer market is expected to acute shortage of semi-connected among other things with the build-up of fertilizer production in countries with limited resource base, primarily in India. It seems that our azotchiki confident in the fact that the planned in 2006 a manifold increase in domestic prices (the main raw material for the production of nitrogen fertilizers) and the transition to equal to the export price to Europe will not take place.

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