Amphibious ship Le Corsaire


Small boats, amphibious hovercraft (AMSVP) "Le Corsaire" developed by JSC "Transekologiya," a resident of the Khanty-Mansiysk "High Technology", and focused on the private consumer, namely tourists, fishermen and hunters, as a personal support vehicle.

The main advantage of the ship is the cross-country and the possibility to operate all year round in the rivers, lakes, in wetlands, grass, virgin snow, rugged terrain with steep climbs to 25 degrees, especially in demand this form of transport in the off-season when other land transport modes, are limited in use, and river transport is not available.


AMSVP "Le Corsaire" has a payload of 300 kg. With a weight of 450 kg., Passenger capacity — 3 people. The expected cost of production model — 1 …… 1.2 million rubles, depending on the configuration.

The undeniable advantages of small size amphibious hovercraft "Le Corsaire" should include the following characteristics:

— A flexible new type of fence made of polyurethane newest paintings are not critical to the filter surfaces (high grass and loose snow), punctures and cuts, which has a high wear resistance and resistance to impulses and cuts.

— Excellent maintainability. Quick-design allows replacement of body parts without special training in the field as soon as possible.

composite casein having a low antifreeze is not critical to the low temperatures and has high durability and maintainability.

— The ship made in the transport envelope (2.1h4, 8×1, 7 m), which allows a quick change of locations of operation.

— The presence of three-dimensional computer model allows you to quickly make changes to the structure thus satisfy all structural and valid requests for the implementation of the customer (freight, passenger, VIP, spec.) And installed power units.

— A good cross-country, allowing the use ASVP on difficult routes.

— Sealed insulated interior with small door and luggage compartment.

— High-speed characteristics can reach speeds over 120 km / h.

— The presence of the braking system, which provides the contact with the underlying surface, which is the sum of variable pitch propeller provide its high efficiency and safety when operating the boat.

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