Amur farmers upgraded fleet of trucks

Amur region continues to update Agropark. After the combines and tractors turn and trucks.
In the area came 32 pieces of equipment purchased for leasing at the Minsk Automobile Plant. Cars and trailers MAZ designed to carry grain and soybeans. Thanks to the agreements of the regional government and the international leasing company "Promagroleasing" Belarusian equipment available amurchanam leased under a small percentage — 3.2% per annum. Moreover, farmers will pay for the purchase on a quarterly basis. Who finishes the paperwork on a technique being registered in the traffic police. Keys from new cars and trailers agricultural enterprises will be awarded on June 8 Beryozovka.

As noted in the regional Agriculture Ministry, in the Amur region continues to update agricultural machinery. "We have already upgraded fleet of combines, if three years ago deterioration of equipment was 80%, it is now reduced to 50. In addition, there is a renewal tractor — also lease purchase new equipment to replace worn-out. And now we go to and the cars, "- said Deputy Agriculture Minister Konstantin batters.

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