Amur region in January-July increased its gold output by almost 14%

Enterprises of the Amur region in seven months of 2013 increased gold production by 13.8% compared to the same period last year — up to 15,699 tons, and if it were not for river floods, the increase would have been even greater.

The main production of the precious metal ore provided the company — on their account 12,639 tons of gold (+ 13.9% on August 1, 2012 — 11.1 tons). The leaders of the traditional enterprise GC "Petropavlovsk", which increased the production of the mines deposits Pioneer and Albyn.

Contrary to predictions, increased production and rossypniki who must now stand idle because of the floods. As of August 1, the mines and the farm produced 3.6 tons of precious metals (+34.6% in the past year — 2,674 tons), the source said. 

"Clearly, flooding and high water in the Amur Oblast and Khabarovsk Krai will affect a number of gold mining companies operating in the alluvial deposits, and it will affect their production in these few months. Unfortunately, it is also applied to the factor of low gold prices. But in total production of this reduction will be negligible, "- said the Chairman of the Union of Russian Gold Sergei Kashuba.

According to him, the large companies involved in the development of ore deposits, more protected from such disasters — their production is stable.

In the Amur region Wash the 2013 season goes hard in July due to high water stopped businesses in Zeya, Seleindzinski, Tynda, Skovorodinsky, Magdagachinsky areas. The most difficult is the situation in the Zeya area where some polygons together with the technique disappeared under the water, and because of washed out roads can not be delivered by land fuel. In 2011, the Amur region produced 28.5 tonnes of gold in 2012 — 28.7 tons.

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