Amur shipbuilders completed the program making fishing seiners

Annunciation Shipyard almost completed the annual program for the manufacture of fishing seiners. 2 of 8 fishermen already use today shipbuilders are ready to send another 4 seiner. Two vessels are now waiting on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Factory workers have lowered them to the water and plan to send to customers in the first place.

Next seiner fishermen will Sakhalin. The fate of another is open to question. Anglers abandoned it because of funding problems. Amur shipbuilders are looking for a new buyer and are engaged in parallel build a pontoon bridge. 2 barges-site plant has already sent the port until 20 September plan to complete production of the third of the five. As much produce in China. It is planned that by the time this winter crossing — a pontoon bridge from Blagoveshchensk in Heihe go heavy trucks.

In many ways, resuscitation production was made possible thanks to the intervention of the local authorities. During the past year shipyard received two government guarantees, subsidies on bank loans reached 95% rate. Also part of the subsidized cost of paying for electricity consumed granted concessions on property tax. Regional support is today.

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